Monday, April 13, 2015

Nibblr review

Nibblr is a subscription box for snacks, you get four portion controlled trays and you can choose how often you get a box (weekly, biweekly or monthly). You pay $6.99 per box, you can also pay for four or twelve boxes at a discounted price. You don't get to choose which snacks you get but you can rate them and they will send you snacks that you will likely enjoy. 
Nibblr box. I love the packaging.
Olive You - Mini crisps with pumpkin seeds, dates and olives: I honestly thought I was going to hate these. They aren't terrible but they definitely weren't my favorite. I have more of a sweet tooth and these are quite savory. They have a strong olive taste and they are very crunchy. I don't think I would pick to have these sent to me again but I did eat a few.
Cocoa Nuts - Dark chocolate almonds and coconut flakes: I knew I was going to like these, you can't go wrong with chocolate and coconut. I've been on a coconut kick lately so I had to try this snack first and I was excited. It was very yummy and I ate the entire box, this is where the portion control comes in handy. The only issue I have with this one is that it's high in saturated fat so for that reason, I wouldn't pick this one again.
Stuck on Flax - Pretzel bites dipped in honey and coated in flax: These are a great combination of salty and sweet. I ate the whole box pretty quick. They were my favorite snack in the box and luckily they are low in saturated fat. I would totally buy these again.
Ginger Paradise - Ginger brittle, coconut slivers and graham cookies: I didn't really like this one. At first I did but then it started tasting weird to me. I think I would have liked it if the brittle was a different flavor, the ginger was too strong for me. The graham cookies were pretty good though.
It also came with this cute poster.
"Life's too short to be hangry."
This wasn't my favorite snack box, I've liked others a little better but it wasn't terrible either. I'm not going to continue with my subscription mostly because I'm trying to eat a bit healthier these days. I love trying new subscription boxes though, It's always fun!

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