Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April favorites

It's almost the end of the month so I decided to share some of my mommy and baby favorites!

My April favorites.

Frozen DVD - I know this movie came out a while ago but I just saw it for the first time this month. I'm sure you know from my other post that I loved it, it is very high up on my favorite Disney movies list. I've already watched it three times.

Turquoise Skull bracelet - I actually got this from one of the ladies in the buy, sell, trade group. She got it in a subscription box (not sure which one) and said skulls weren't her thing so I said "I'll buy it!" Everyone knows I love skulls and the color is so pretty. I only wore it once so far but I plan on wearing it a lot this summer.

If I Stay book - Such a great book, an easy read but I enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed with the ending until I learned that there was a sequel. I went out and bought it (Where She Went) and can't wait to start it.

EOS Strawberry Sorbet
lip balm - I love this! I've been wanting to get this one forever and I finally did. It smells so good! I've been using it a little too much I think.

 Liv's (and mine too) April favorites.

If I Were A Cat book - We both love this book since we both love cats, especially Olivia. She only has a few books that have real pictures instead of illustrations and this is one of them. I have read this book to her every night since we got it a few weeks ago. I saw it at the bookstore clearance section and I had to get it. By the way, the cat on the cover totally looks like our cat Peyton.

Bumkins super bib - This has been so much better than the drool bibs I've been using for feeding. It doesn't soak trough and it's really easy to clean. I've been using it every time I feed her, I need to invest in a few more. This was an add on item in her Citrus Lane box.

Green Toys pink car - This came in Liv's Citrus Lane box and I just love it. Olivia has been pushing it around and it's easy for her to carry since it's so light.

Peek a Boo Panda toy
- I really didn't think she would be interested in this toy. It came in her Bluum box and it's for 9+ months. It doesn't do anything but she loves it, don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you. She opens and closes the arms over and over while smiling. Sometimes I do it for her and I say "peek a boo!" when I open his arms and she gets so excited.

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