Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun at the zoo

Just a quick update, on Thursday I took Olivia to the zoo for the first time. She only liked the animals that came up close, otherwise I don't think she could really see them or maybe she just didn't care. I think she is still a little young but we had a good time. It was kind of cold though, we are going back in the summer and maybe she will like it even more. We saw a tiger, monkeys, bison, otters, peacocks, prairie dogs, pigs and a bunch of other animals I can't remember. After the zoo I took her to playgroup and when we finally got home, I was completely exhausted. Anytime we do more than one activity in a day, I feel like I am so drained. I think I need to stick to one thing per day! I have no idea why I'm always so tired. Oh well, I'll leave you with a few pics..

 We look so white because the sun was ridiculously bright that day.
I think Olivia is laughing at me taking a selfie.

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