Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Livy's 15 month checkup

Olivia had her 15 month checkup today! She is still little miss tiny, she weighs 18lbs 3oz and is 28.5" tall (which is pretty dang short). So the pediatrician said she's 10% for weight and 5% for height but she's gone up on her curve so that's good. I told him about her picky eating habits and he said it's normal for her age, he suggested a vitamin and I think it's a good idea. I'm always worried about her not getting enough vegetables or meat so that should help a little. I had to wake her up from her nap to bring her to the appointment so she was extra cranky. He was mentioning how around this age kids start getting scared of strangers. She seemed fine but when he started checking her ears and eyes, she freaked out and started crying. I kept thinking "just wait for the needles". She screamed at the top of her lungs during and after her shots. I felt bad for her but jeez she has a high pitched scream, I can still hear a ringing in my ears. Luckily she took another nap when we got home. After that we played outside for a while, it was so nice out! I didn't get any sleep last night so I felt kinda blah all day, glad it's over and I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight.

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