Thursday, May 15, 2014

New playgroup

I've been taking Olivia to a playgroup since she was around six months old and it's been really cute. I like being able to get out of the house and get her around kids close to her age. I also love talking to the other moms, we share some interesting stories. We go once a week and we were going to a class for babies up to 12 months old. Olivia is 15 months now and last week she was running around, nearly knocking the babies over and just being crazy. I decided it was time that we switch her to the next age group (probably should have a few months ago). In the baby group they just read some books to the kids, sing songs and then let them play with toys. The babies just lay there or crawl around and steal each others pacifiers. In the toddler group they are much more aware of what is going on and they are all developing their own little personalities. It's really funny, they crack me up. Today is the first time we went to the toddler group and it was so much more fun (even for me lol). The teacher was blowing bubbles (they were all in awe) and singing songs, then she gave all the kids instruments and they all marched around the room, it was adorable and humorous at the same time. She also pulled out a parachute and we all held on and let the kids run under, it reminded me of my childhood because we used to do that in gym class (so fun). At the end the teacher brought out some toys for free play and a ton of those little ball pit balls and dropped them all on the parachute and the kids were so excited to play with them. It was just so cute to see Olivia running around with all the kids and having a blast. I love being able to do things like that with her, seeing her happy melts my heart. When we got home, she was completely exhausted and took a really long nap so I was able to relax. It was so gross out today and the whole house was just hot and muggy. I ended up giving her a bath just to cool her down because she was sweating pretty much all day, her hair was extra curly (so darn cute). Anyways just wanted to give a quick update about her new fun little playgroup! :)

 Sorry about the blurry pictures but she was having too much fun to stay still!

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