Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Final weight check

Olivia has been getting weekly weight checks since she's been out of the hospital (after her surgery). At first it was because she was on the feeding tube and they wanted to make sure she was taking in enough calories. Since she has been off the tube she hasn't been gaining much, gaining but very slow so following her weight has been important. We are finally able to relax about her weight a little. The pediatrician said it's no longer necessary to weigh her so often, she's been following her own curve for a while now. It's been about a month since she was last weighed. The nurse came over today and weighed her at 17lbs, her weight last month was 16lbs 4oz so she gained about 1lb in a month which is petty good for her! That must sound so low to people with healthy kids but Liv has come a long way, she's still tiny but that's okay, she's my little peanut. I'm happy with her weight, especially since she was sick and didn't eat as well for about a week, I was worried she was going to lose a bit. The nurse discharged her and won't be coming anymore. I'm happy but at the same time I'll probably always be wondering if she's gaining/losing since I'm so used to always knowing. The nurse has been coming ever since Olivia was 5 days old, she is the one who realized something was wrong and called the ambulance for us. I am so grateful that she was here that day. She's so sweet to Olivia and we will really miss her! However, I feel like this is another step closer to "normal", kids don't usually have a nurse come weigh them every week. Next month Olivia has her 15 month check up, I'll be curious to know her weight/height at that appointment but until then I'm going to try my best not to worry about it.

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