Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter bunny & chocolate cravings

Today I woke up exhausted but I took a short nap with Liv and then I felt much better. My mom stopped by to hang out for a little while and I lost my phone (as always) but we kept calling it over and over, we could hear it vibrate but couldn't find it, at one point I just said "okay, it's gone forever". Somehow it got stuck in between the couch (not the cushions, the actual couch) no idea how that happened but very glad I found it. When Paul got home from work, we took Olivia to the mall to get a picture of her with the Easter bunny. I was really nervous when I took her to see Santa but she was happy and even smiled for the picture so this time I was pretty confident that she would do well and she did! Here's your cuteness for the day.

I was clapping and Paul was doing a little dance behind the camera but hey it worked. People were probably laughing at us but I wasn't paying attention. There were a few where she was looking at the camera but her smile wasn't as big as this one so that's why we picked it. After that we went to a few stores and I got some cheap pink sunglasses for Color Me Rad (5K color run) because it's coming up in a few weeks. I decided I'm going to run the race blind. If I wear my contacts, the color powder might get behind one and then it's going to be pretty painful. I can't really wear my glasses under my sunglasses because it looks ridiculous, plus I don't want my glasses to get ruined by the color. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the race, I also really need to get back on the treadmill because I've been seriously lacking. I also haven't been eating great, I made a barbecue chicken pizza for dinner tonight and oh my god, it was amazing! I usually hate cooking but today I was actually in the mood. So glad I made it and I will definitely be making it again very soon. I've been craving sweets a lot lately, today I couldn't stop talking about chocolate covered strawberries (thanks to whoever posted that on FB by the way) I looked around the mall to see if anyone sold them but they didn't, I wouldn't shut up about them so Paul suggested going to the grocery store and I gladly agreed. I couldn't decide on white chocolate or milk chocolate so I got both. Let me just say that the picture I'm about the post is amazing, they came out perfect and I'm pretty proud of myself.

 If you don't think these look absolutely delicious, you're lying to yourself.

I'm glad I finally got to have my strawberries, there is nothing better than fulfilling a craving (okay I'm sure there is but they were so good!) Moving on.. I feel like there is so much stuff I need to do in the upcoming months, we have tons of  play dates, birthday parties, a few weddings, a 5K & 3K, Easter.. yikes! Usually our summers are pretty relaxed but this one is packed with stuff to do. I also want to baby proof the house at some point. I wasn't planning on doing it yet because I watch Olivia pretty closely but shes had a few bumps already and I think it's time. She's really into opening cabinets and drawers now, she throws all my measuring cups onto the floor and sometimes hides toys in the drawers. She also has a weird obsessed with the whisk, she likes to just carry it around everywhere and occasionally chew on it. Baby proofing might also benefit me, I bump into everything and I'm always all bruised up. The only things we have right now are gates and rubber bumpers for the corners of our tables, we have a lot more to get, I feel like it will be an all day event. This is going to sound so lazy but I really love when we have nothing to do. Yesterday was one of those days and it was so great just hanging around the house with Liv, it was nice spending time with her knowing that we didn't have to be anywhere, it made me feel relaxed. I feel like we are always running places so having a break sometimes is awesome. Everyone else is sleeping and of course I'm still awake but those strawberries are calling my name.. hope they can last until tomorrow at least!

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