Monday, April 28, 2014

Teething never ends

Okay, I'm exaggerating but it seems that way. It's been going on for almost a year now and I'm over it (I'm sure Olivia is too). It seems like a new tooth is popping up every week and it's so frustrating because she starts eating great but once a tooth pokes through, she loses all interest. It's been a few days and she hasn't been eating much, she's been extra drooly and grouchy. She also wakes up a lot at night when she's teething and then neither of us get any sleep. I cannot wait until all her teeth are in and she has some relief. Poor kid. On a good note, she learned a new word.. cat. She's been walking around the house saying "cat cat cat", it's funny that she always says it three times because we have three cats. She loves the cats but she's a little rough with them so they aren't too fond of her. Hopefully they will warm up to her once she learns to play "nice" which I've been trying to teach her. 

Left: Little miss mischievous changed my camera settings to some kind of filter and I didn't realize until after I took the picture, smh. Right: This picture pretty much sums up her relationship with Rooney: she chases him, he runs away and she gets a fluffy tail to the face.

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