Monday, March 10, 2014

Uhm, do you know you spelled live wrong?

Someone actually said that to me.. oh no, I had no idea so thanks!! ;) Okay I'll stop with the sarcasm. Seriously.. I spelled it that way on purpose. My daughters name is oLIVia, we call her Liv so I hope that clears things up.

I don't have a job right now but for some reason, I still hate Mondays. I think it's because I worked for so many years that I'm just still in the mindset of hating Mondays. Anyway.. I'm really happy with the support I got for my last few posts, it was hard to talk about while it was happening but now I feel okay about it. I appreciate everyone's kind words, I also forgot to mention how much support we got while we were at the hospital. My mom was there every single day and lots of other family and friends came to visit, sent gifts and prayed for Olivia. People I hadn't talked to in years reached out to me and it was just really nice to know they were sending out good thoughts for my little girl. I know I already said it but thank you again to everyone from the bottom of my heart!

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