Sunday, March 23, 2014

Here comes trouble

Guess who's walking! Okay, she's trying, she's not perfect yet. She walks the same way as I do after I've had one too many drinks. She's getting better though, today she took about fifteen steps without falling, her previous record was eight.

(Insert proud mommy tears here) She is growing up way too fast! I still can't believe she is now known as a "toddler" ..well not to me, she's still my little baby! We were clapping for her and she was so proud of herself.

Today was gorgeous out, it was the perfect day to be outside so we went to the park. Olivia is not too fond of the swings anymore, last year she loved them. She was holding on for dear life and the sun was annoying her, she kept squinting so we didn't stay that long but it was fun. She's been babbling up a storm, I wonder what she thinks she is saying, it seems like she is trying to tell me a story sometimes, makes me laugh. I can't wait till she starts saying more words and can form sentences, I feel like she's gonna be a funny kid. Well everyone is sleeping and I'm just not tired at all but if I don't at least try to sleep, I'll regret it in the morning, night!

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