Monday, June 30, 2014

GI update

Liv's GI appointment went well today, she had fun playing with the toys in the waiting room and then she didn't want to leave. She really hated the bracelet they made her wear though, she kept trying to take it off but her attempts were unsuccessful. In the exam room she was being her mischievous self and opening all the drawers, trying to open the garbage can and messing with the computer keyboard. Then she was being a goofball and putting her burp cloth over her face and running around, she thought it was hilarious until the doctor came in. She is really starting to hate doctors, whenever they go anywhere near her she starts screaming. The doctor was happy with her weight gain but I'm kind of bummed that she hasn't outgrown her reflux yet. He said we could start trying to wean her off the Prevacid again in a few months. We don't have to go back until mid October so hopefully the next Prevacid wean will work. Appointments are so much easier now, I barely have questions anymore. I remember her first few appointments, I was super paranoid (justified) and probably asked 15-20 questions every time. I'm happy that things have settled down a lot, the visit was pretty uneventful but that's a good thing!

  My goofy little trouble maker, she keeps things interesting.

*This is totally unrelated to everything I was just talking about but I joined this great website for children with heart defects and I shared Olivia's story, here is the link if you want to check it out, join or share your heart warriors story!  Little Hearts - Olivia

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