Sunday, June 8, 2014

A few fun firsts

Olivia seemed a little better today but she is definitely still sick. I felt like we needed to get out of the house though. We have been stuck inside for a few days so we took her to a carnival. She was too little for pretty much all of the rides, I was thinking about bringing her on that giant slide with me but then I had a horrible image of me hitting a bump and dropping her (crazy mom thoughts). Since I'm so paranoid we decided to just walk around and hang out. We got some yummy food, she absolutely loved the fried dough and candy apple (just like me)! After the carnival we were so hot, we decided to go to the pool. The water was kind of cold because there was some shade so she cried for a few seconds when we got in but then she loved it! She kept splashing and smiling. There's also a kiddie pool on the grass and I put her in that, she had fun in there too. There was a little boy in there with her, he was younger than her although way bigger but it was cute cause they kept pointing at each other. It was a fun day but I think tomorrow we will be relaxing!

 Olivia's first carnival and pool experience.

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