Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The never ending cough

Olivia has been sick for over a week now, she's a little better but her cough is still lingering. She spread the germs and got both me and Paul sick, I knew that was inevitable though. The weather has been rainy/gloomy so it's been kind of a "blah" week. I made the mistake of singing "rain rain go away" to Olivia today, I had to sing it about 758 more times because every time I stopped, she would get mad at me. We bought her a little Minnie Mouse pool on Sunday and it has rained every single day since, I'm bummed because I wanted her to try it out. We've just been staying indoors so today we went out for a bit and got stuck in the rain. Liv was trying to cover her head with her hand but it didn't work out too well, we both got soaked. The highlight of her day was taking all the measuring cups and spoons out of the drawer and putting them back in, such an exciting activity for a toddler. The highlight of my day was taking a nap with her, naps are always better when it's raining, I seriously could have slept all day!

"Now mommy has to wash these because I coughed all over them."

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