Tuesday, June 10, 2014

e.l.f Beauty Bundle review - June 2014

I got this box last week, it comes right at the beginning of the month which makes me happy because I'm pretty impatient. There are a few different options for the e.l.f beauty bundle. You can order a monthly subscription (you get a box every month, pay every month and you can cancel anytime). Then there is a 1 year gift or 1/2 year gift. I ordered the 1/2 year gift package, you get three boxes (one every other month) and you don't have to subscribe for a monthly box so you also don't get charged again because you pay up front for all three boxes. The only downside with this box is that you have to pay for shipping, a lot of other subscription boxes include the shipping. I really love this one because the boxes are always packed full!

e.l.f Beauty Bundle for June - Pre-summer survival kit.

28-Piece beach beauty palette - Night : I love these palettes because I get to test all different colors and see which ones I like and don't like. I tried a few of the lip colors and like them, the eye shadow colors are really fun too but I don't think I'll be using all of them. Retails for: $6

Waterproof lengthening & volumizing mascara - Black : Perfect for me. I only wear black mascara and waterproof is awesome. When I wear my contacts with eye makeup, my eyes usually end up watering so this works well for me. Retails for: $3

Baked highlighter - Moonlight pearls: I am really excited to try this, I've never used a highlighter before. Hopefully this can hide the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. Retails for: $3

Waterproof eyeliner pen - Black: I tried putting this on earlier (in a rush) and it was kind of difficult to apply. I had to go over the line a few times and then I just got frustrated. I will try it again because it looks like it would be great for very thin lines and black is the only color I like for eyeliner. Retails for: $2

Mineral moisturizing lip tint - Guava: I know I went on a rant in the last review about how much I hate lipstick but I might actually like this one. It's a really pretty color and moisturizing is always a plus! I will definitely give this a try. Retails for: $3

High definition powder - Shimmer: I'm not exactly sure if I'll be using this or not. I might use it for a night out but who knows when I'll ever be going out so we'll see. I do like the shimmer look though and it's a nice color. Retails for: $6

Makeup mist & set: I have never used anything like this before, I didn't even know it existed but I am really excited to try it. It's supposed to keep makeup in place all day so hopefully it works well! Retails for: $3

SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB protection: I never wear powder so I probably wont be using this, pretty cool that it's a sunscreen powder though. Retails for: $6

Signature bag - Pink: My favorite item in the box! This pink makeup bag is adorable, it has a zipper and two sides, one side has some mesh compartments to hold brushes or whatever your heart desires. This will be great for traveling, I can just throw all my makeup in it to keep it separate. Retails for: $8

I know I am not the best at reviewing makeup but I try. The total retail value of the box came out to $40 and it cost about $26 per box including shipping. I think It's a good deal, you can also find e.l.f products at Target and everything is pretty inexpensive so if I really love something, I can just pick it up there. I really liked the box this month and I am interested to see what items will be in my last box!

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