Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Olivia's favorite toys

Olivia got a ton of toys for Christmas (a few too many to be honest) but I thought I would share her absolute favorites, well.. favorites for now at least. I'm always surprised at which toys she likes the most, it's usually something I didn't think she would be interested in.

Playskool Pounding bench - So this actually came with a hammer type thing but Olivia already lost it. It's not a big deal because she didn't really use it anyway. She sits and plays with this for ten minutes at a time, it keeps her quiet. She takes out each peg and then puts it back in and I've been using it to teach her the colors. I'm quite impressed with how she matches the peg to the right color hole. She doesn't get it right every time, she mixes up blue and purple sometimes but that's okay. I was surprised at how much she loves this toy, she plays with it all the time.

B. LapTrec: Liv really loves this. At first, she just liked putting the little animal stamps in (like a puzzle) but now she loves to draw on it and erase it (over and over). It's great because she loves to color but this is much less messy and doesn't require fifteen sheets of paper. I had one of these when I was younger but this one is a lot nicer, it even has a little cushion on the back. I really love the brand that makes it and I think she will use this for a long time.

Leapfrog - My own LeapTop: Olivia always harasses me when I'm on my laptop so I figured this might keep her busy when I am. I love it because it's an educational toy and she loves pressing buttons so it's perfect. Every time she presses a button, it says the letter, sound and shows an animal that begins with that letter. Her favorite is the "R" button because it shows a rabbit jumping across the screen and she gets a big kick out of that. It also plays music and reads "e-mails". I would definitely recommend this one.

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