Thursday, January 8, 2015

First day back at playgroup

Olivia was doing much better this morning, she was playing with her toys and she even ate breakfast really well. It was the first day of playgroup and I wasn't sure if I should bring her but she seemed fine. She was having fun but she had a meltdown every time we stopped doing an activity. When the teacher stopped blowing bubbles, Olivia freaked out and started crying. Then she was happy again while we were playing with the parachute but after that was done, she started screaming again. It was kind of embarrassing because she wasn't just crying, she was kicking me and throwing a fit. I know she's still a baby but none of the other kids were doing that and I couldn't get her to stop. One little boy actually came over to ask if she was okay, it was sweet but Olivia wanted nothing to do with him. She was much better once we got home and she took a pretty long nap. She didn't want to eat her dinner but she wanted mine, I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden she was taking a bite out of the burrito on my plate. It was funny and I'm glad she ended up eating. It was a much better day (minus the meltdowns), hopefully she wont get sick again for a while!

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