Friday, January 23, 2015

Party planning

This has been a busy/crazy kind of month. I've been trying to plan Liv's party, I still can't believe she will be two in less than a month! Her party is going to be Dora themed since she's obsessed. I found a ton of cool ideas on Pinterest but since Olivia's been sick and I've been busy that got pushed to the back burner. I ended up picking up some Dora stuff from the store so I don't have to do any DIY stuff this year (even though it was all so cute), maybe next year I'll have the time and energy. I really got the ball rolling this week and now I only have a few more things to do (order the food and make a couple more trips to the store for supplies). I'm also planning to do something special for her heart surgery anniversary, maybe I'll make her cupcakes or a cake. I got her a booboo buddy and a heart hero cape so I'll be giving her those on that day. I wish time would slow down a little, it makes me sad that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.. sigh.

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