Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daddy daughter dates

The last few days have been pretty uneventful. I've just been working a lot and spending time with Liv as much as I can. We went to the store today and she was blowing kisses at everyone, I have no idea where she learned that from because I didn't teach her but it was really cute. She suckered me into buying her this little critter stuffed animal, she was so excited when she saw it because I always read her the little critter book before bed. She wouldn't put it down at the store but she hasn't touched it since we got home (typical). My sister sent me some pictures from my nephews birthday party and Olivia looks exactly like Paul in this one..

Daddy's twin. (Seriously!)

 Paul has been taking Livy on a lot of dates, here's a few pictures he sent me. 

It's really cute that Olivia loves going out to dinner with Paul, she eats really well and she gets super excited about being in a restaurant. I love getting pictures but it makes me miss her so much! I want to just leave work and hang out with her and Paul. I need money though. For some unknown reason, she has been sleeping terribly! I don't know why but all of a sudden, her schedule is all out of whack. She wakes up a lot during the night and she refuses to nap during the day. She doesn't seem sick at all so I'm not sure what the issue is. I really hope this isn't the end of her napping days, putting her down for a nap keeps me sane. On a totally unrelated note, ever since I got my new phone, the internet on it has been horrible. I tried calling and they had me reset my network settings and clear all my history and cookies (which never works by the way) but it's still super slow and loses connection half the time. It's pretty frustrating because I use my phone for mostly everything, I only go on the computer to update this blog or upload pictures. Okay but anyway, I am really going to attempt getting to bed early tonight! (Wishful thinking.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Messy toddler

Olivia was quite the handful today. I can no longer put anything on the end tables because now she is tall enough to reach, I found that out the hard way tonight. I was finishing up her dinner and she was playing quietly in the living room (never a good sign). When I walked in to check on her, she was sitting on the couch playing with my (now empty) cup of iced tea. She was soaked, the couch was soaked and the floor was soaked, then she got pretty mad at me for taking away the cup. Ugh. By the way, my horrible sleep routine is back and I'm stuck in the rut of needing a nap every day again. It's not my fault though, the other night Liv just didn't want to sleep, she woke up around 4am and didn't go back to bed until 6. She wasn't crying, she was just talking to herself and keeping me and Paul awake. It was a long night and I was so exhausted the next day but she was wide awake and fine. I was worried she would do the same thing again last night but she didn't (thankfully). Unfortunately, since I took a nap the next day, I couldn't fall asleep last night and so now I have to start all over and try to break the bad habit again, wish me luck.

Liv doesn't suck her thumb but shes been sucking on her big toe lately. Gross, right?

Stalker cricket update: I killed one and I thought that would be the end of it. I didn't hear it for a whole day but now I hear it again, they better not be multiplying! I set up some sticky traps, I'm really hoping that takes care of the problem because I seriously feel like I'm camping outside, the noise is going to drive me insane!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stalker cricket

Somehow a cricket got into our house and it has been driving me crazy! It's seriously so loud and annoying and I have no idea where it is! The creepy thing is that I can get close enough to where it's super loud but then it stops, Paul said it's watching us and it stops when it sees us.. Uhm what?! How freaking scary is that?! I don't like it ..I don't want to have a stalker cricket, I hope it just goes away! Okay, moving on from that because it's giving me the chills.. my throat was hurting again this morning but after a few hours it felt fine. So I decided to take Liv to that indoor playground, today was the last day of free play before the classes start. There was only one other kid there and he left after about fifteen minutes so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was really cute, there was a swing set, slides, little roller coasters, ride ons, trampolines, tunnels, ball pits, basketball hoops and a bunch of other toys. Olivia's favorite part was running around (of course) but she played on pretty much everything. The classes are kind of expensive so I'm not sure if we will take them or not since the library classes are free but we'll see. Olivia had a great time and I'm really glad I brought her, watching her run around and have fun makes me very happy!

It was really hard to take a good picture because she didn't stop moving the entire time.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Citrus Lane review - August 2014

Olivia's Citrus Lane box finally came today! This is the longest it ever took, I was getting so impatient because I love getting these boxes. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies/toddlers. You pay a certain price per month depending on how long you want to subscribe (it’s cheaper for the longer subscriptions). Every month you receive four to five items for your child and sometimes something for you as well. The boxes are age and gender appropriate (or you can pick gender neutral). This box is for an 18 month old girl.

Everything Olivia got in her August Citrus Lane box.
Petit Collage growth chart: I have been wanting to get Olivia a growth chart for a while now but just never got around to it, I was so excited to get this in the box! She is tiny so it's always been important to follow her height (and weight) closely so this is perfect. I love how there are little stickers to mark each time we check her height, it will be a cute little keepsake. It doesn't exactly go with her room (everything is pink) but I still like it, it's adorable. Retails for: $20.00? (I'm really not sure about this, I couldn't find the same one because it was a Citrus Lane exclusive.)

Melissa & Doug wooden ABC 123 blocks: I was just thinking about buying these for Liv, they have some at the Library and she loves stacking them (and knocking them down). I was going to wait until Christmas to buy them for her but now I don't have to. Seriously, perfect timing Citrus Lane! These are really great because they have letters, numbers and pictures on them. They are also the perfect size for her little hands, I already gave them to her and she approves. By the way, there are 50 blocks in this set and it also came with a bag to keep them in, I'm impressed! Retails for: $14.99

Episencial snuggly lotion - cherry: Oh my goodness, we love this lotion! This was one of the items in my June Favorites post. It smells amazing and it works great. This also came at the perfect time because we are just about out of it so I was going to have to buy more soon. Retails for: $9.50

Me4kidz - Cool It Buddy instant cold packs: I like the idea of these but Olivia hates when I try to put an ice pack on her. Last month when she fell into the table, I tried wrapping an ice pack with paper towels and putting it on her head but she freaked out and wouldn't let me. I'm wondering if maybe these aren't as cold, we'll see. If she lets me use them, I'm sure they will (unfortunately) come in handy. Oh and I think the little penguin is adorable by the way. Retails for: $2.99 

Add on items: This month (like every month) Citrus Lane sent out some great coupon codes so I used them for a few add to box items, which makes the box a little more fun in my opinion. I got Livy the Melissa & Doug paint with water book, it's for kids that are a little bit older but I figured I could just store it away for a while. I also got her a cute little Melissa & Doug magnifying glass, again.. for when she is a bit older. I got both of these items basically for free, I may have paid $1-2 but that is still a really great deal.

We also got a few coupons for (I probably wont be using those) and a free Little Pim download. I don't know much about Little Pim but it's a language program for kids. I will probably download it and see how it is, I love that they have Portuguese as one of the options because I'm Portuguese (and so is Liv obviously) so maybe she can learn a few words. Anyway, this months box was awesome! This was definitely my favorite box in a while, maybe even my favorite box ever. The total value of this box is about $47. Wow! Citrus Lane really did a great job this month, for us anyway. The value is great and I love everything we got, it's almost like they read my mind. I totally forgive them for taking forever to send our box this month. I bought the six month subscription and with coupons, I paid about $15 per month so it was well worth it this month. If you're interested in getting a Citrus Lane subscription for your child, you can use my referral link to get 50% off your first box - Melissa's CL referral. It's a subscription so make sure you cancel after your receive your box or you will be charged again. 

 Olivia enjoying her new wooden blocks! (Blurry pics, sorry!)

Breaking the bad habit

I was almost out of my rut of needing a nap every single day, I hadn't taken one in almost a week. I've only been getting around 5-6 hours of sleep at night though and today it caught up with me. While Olivia took her nap, I tried my best to stay awake, I even drank three cups of coffee but it didn't work. My eyes just didn't want to stay open so I gave in. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be okay without one so I don't end up in that routine again. I just hate waking up from a nap and feeling even worse, it's horrible. We didn't do much today besides hang around the house, it was a lazy day. Olivia was a little cranky, the doctor mentioned she might be for the next few days because of the shot. I'm hoping that tomorrow she is back to normal since I want to take her to a new indoor playground that just opened, I'm excited to check it out. My throat has been hurting all day though, I hope I'm not getting sick! That would suck.. fingers crossed that I'm not!

 This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just love her little piggy tails!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Livy's 18 month checkup

Olivia turned 18 months old on Saturday and her checkup was today (well.. technically yesterday), I can't believe she's one and a half already! While we were in the waiting room, she was playing with all the toys and running around (per usual). They have a fun house mirror on the wall and it made her head look really long and big so she kept touching her head while she was looking at herself, she seemed so confused. It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing and everyone probably thought I was crazy. She was such a good girl at the appointment, she cried for her shot but once I showed her the Sesame Street app on my phone, she was fine. She was mad at the doctor though, she wouldn't say bye to her. The doctor said she looks great, she went up a bit in height (15%) and stayed on her curve for weight (10%). I know those are low percentages but I always keep in mind that she was below the charts at one point so for her that is pretty awesome! The doctor suggested weaning Olivia off the bottle but she will not drink milk cold or from a sippy cup (she will only drink water from her sippy cup) so this will be a challenge. Any tips or suggestions on that, feel free to comment! Her next check up wont be until she is two, which seems so far away but I'm sure it will come a lot quicker than I want. I had to work tonight but Paul and Livy came to visit me and have some dinner, it was fun seeing them for a little bit but I wish I could have left with them. Work was pretty busy and now I'm exhausted. Once I got home, I sat on the couch and watched my shows while eating a nice big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, it was pretty amazing. Now it's time for bed, (way past what a normal bedtime should be) hopefully I can get some sleep tonight!

 The waiting room is her favorite part!

This is what she was doing when we got home, my goodness.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We got our new modem today so our internet is back up! Woohoo! Just in time too because I was starting to have blogging withdrawals. This might be a long post since it's been a while but I will try to recap quickly and hopefully I don't ramble on forever.

On Wednesday my sister in law Melody came to visit from South Carolina. My mom was babysitting Olivia while Paul went to pick her up from the airport. Unfortunately her flight was canceled and she was stuck at the airport for hours. I felt so bad, it must have been a long day for her! She was on stand by and finally got on a plane that night. Paul had to keep Livy awake and bring her to the airport with him pretty late at night. I was stuck working so I couldn't get her but everything worked out alright.

 Running around the airport in her jammies.

Having Mel here was awesome! She helped me with Liv and we even went out one night and had a few drinks. I don't get out much so I got a little sick the next day but I was fine after a few hours. Mel and Paul went out on Saturday while I was working and he ended up getting a little sick on Sunday, I guess we can't hang anymore.

Selfies at the bar ;)!

On Sunday I took Liv to my nephew Jacob's birthday party, it was at a place called Tumble Jungle. There were a bunch of trampolines, play mats, a bouncy house and even a foam pit, Olivia had a blast! My nephew turned four and all the other kids were around the same age, Liv was the youngest so I had to chase her around to make sure she didn't get hurt on anything.

 Jacob's fourth Birthday! How cute is the Ninja Turtles theme!

On Monday we went to the pool for a while, Liv didn't stay for long because the water was so cold. Paul took her home so Mel and I could lay out and try to get a nice tan. Well we must have stayed out for a little too long because I came home with a terrible sunburn! Mel got pretty red too but nothing compared to me!

 Well, at least I got some kind of color! Ouch!

Now here we are today, Tuesday (Right? I have no concept of time lately)! I normally don't work on Tuesdays but since we had Jacob's party on Sunday, I switched shifts with someone. While I was at work tonight, Paul took Olivia on a daddy daughter dinner date (say that five times fast). He sent me some really cute pictures!

 Coloring like a big girl and destroying some avocado.

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately. It was a lot of fun having Melody stay with us, she left this morning and I miss her already! It's a little boring without her, plus she cooked us some very yummy meals. I'm really glad she got to spend some time with us and especially with Olivia. I can't wait until she visits again, hopefully it will be soon!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Internet down

If you're wondering why I haven't posted, it's because our internet has been down. According to our internet company (who shall remain nameless), we need a new modem. I spent over an hour on the phone with them before they came to that conclusion. Its going to take 3-5 business to get here so we won't get it until sometime during the week. It's pretty frustrating but oh well, I don't have the energy to be annoyed at this point. I let them know that I'm not paying for anything until it's fixed. At least I have internet on my phone, which is how I'm posting now but it's a pain doing it this way and I don't know how to add pictures. I'm going to just wait until the internet is back up to post again, I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about at that point.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beauty Box Five review - August 2014

Beauty Box Five is a subscription box for beauty products (obviously). It's $12 a month and they send you five (duh) beauty samples. I explained on my last Beauty Box Five review that I had signed up for the free box and they charged me the $12 anyway, well apparently I didn't cancel fast enough because that $12 charge was for this month. So I ended up with this box which I wasn't exactly planning on getting.

Everything that came in my August Beauty Box Five box.
Purlisse Pur-protect SPF 30 Suncreen: I just got this moisturizer/sunscreen in Liv's July Citrus Lane box. I haven't even tried it yet because I always forget to put sunscreen on myself. I know we will be going to the pool sometime this week so I will have to remember to use this! It's pretty expensive too.. for 1.7oz, it retails for $55! It must be some seriously good stuff. Retails for $10.00
La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: I've been using makeup remover wipes a lot more lately. However, I don't really like how these smell, they have a flowery scent to them but it's a little too strong. I'm sure I will still use them though. Retails for $1 (maybe less)
Nanacoco Lip Gloss - Lovely: Okay, this is really bright pink! I put this on and laughed a little, maybe it's because I rarely wear makeup but I slightly resembled a clown. My husband said that I looked like I had eaten strawberries. I feel like this color would be perfect for a much younger girl, I don't think I could pull it off though. Retails for $3.99
Novex Brazilian Keratin: I'm really excited to try this! I used to use Keratin all the time and it worked wonders for my hair. I've mentioned before how my hair gets pretty damaged/dry from the flat iron so I'll be using this soon, glad I got this in my box. Retails for $1 (maybe less)
Style Essentials Nail Polish: Another really bright product! This nail polish is pretty cute, it's a sea green-ish sort of color but I couldn't find the name of it on the bottle. I tried it on and it's perfect for summer, I don't think I would wear this in the winter though. This is probably my favorite item in the box! I love getting new nail polish colors, my collection was pretty sad before I discovered subscription boxes. Retails for $1.75 (estimate)
It was a bit difficult to figure out pricing for the items this month so this is just an estimate, the total value of this box is around $20 so that's a pretty good deal. I like this box and I enjoy the samples but I don't think I will be continuing with the subscription. I am putting myself on a pretty strict budget and I don't need makeup or really any beauty products right now, I'm set for a while.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Easily entertained

This weekend went by kind of slow, I worked all weekend (as always) but it just seemed to drag for some reason. On Saturday afternoon, my friend came over with her daughter (a few months younger than Liv) and we went to the pool for a while. It was such a nice day out but the water was really cold, it took a few minutes to get used to it. After we got out, there was a nice breeze and Olivia was shivering, I had to bring her in the sun. She always gets cold/hot really easily, I was pretty cold too though. While we were there, Liv found a pool noodle and was playing with it, she would not put it down. She didn't even want to get back in the pool, all she cared about was the stupid noodle. It really amazes me what keeps her entertained sometimes. Somehow the door at the pool got stuck and we were locked in for a little while, the pool attendant had to hop the fence to open it from the other side. Luckily we weren't stuck there for long because I had get ready for work. Tonight when I got home from work, there were some lovely presents for me. Three huge hairballs on the rug, seriously guys?! The cats drive me crazy! The last thing I want to do after coming home from a long shift at work is clean up cat vomit. I'm over it. Oh well, this week should be fun, my sister in law is coming to visit from South Carolina. I'm excited to see her, we don't get to see her much so I love when she comes here! It's also nice to have someone (another adult) around during the day. Anyway, I'm off to get some much needed sleep now!

Yes, pool noodles are so much fun!

Friday, August 8, 2014

e.l.f Beauty Bundle review - August 2014

My last bundle came in the mail a few days ago. There are a few different options for the e.l.f beauty bundle. You can order a monthly subscription (you get a box every month, pay every month and you can cancel anytime). Then there is a 1 year gift or 1/2 year gift. I ordered the 1/2 year gift package, you get three boxes (one every other month) and you don't have to subscribe for a monthly box so you also don't get charged again because you pay up front for all three boxes. The only downside with this box is that you have to pay for shipping, a lot of other subscription boxes include the shipping. I really love this one because the boxes are always packed full!

e.l.f Beauty Bundle for August - 10 Beautiful Years!

Baked eyeshadow palette - Texas : This is my favorite item in the box. Eyeshadow is what I use most often and I love all the colors (gold, grey & pink shades) on this palette. I can't wait to try some of these! Retails for: $10

Glitter primer: I've never used primer for my eyes before, apparently this helps glitter eyeshadow stay on longer and it's crease proof. It's also supposed to help the eyeshadow go on smoother. Interesting, I will definitely be trying this. Retails for: $2

Natural lash kit: I have pretty long eyelashes already, plus mascara makes them even longer. I don't think I'll be using these, I have never been a fan of them. Oh and they always remind me of a scene from a movie (forgot which one) where a couple is out to dinner and the girl has a fake eyelash stuck to her cheek, no thanks! Retails for: $1

Moisturizing lipstick - Party in the buff: I tried this on and I really like it. It's moisturizing and the color is subtle, which I love. I'm not a huge fan of lipstick but I'll be using this on occasion. Retails for: $3

Contouring blush & bronzing cream: Okay, I have no idea how to use this. Maybe I need to spend some time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Wish me luck. Retails for: $3

Mineral booster - Sheer (large): Another product that I don't have much experience with. I'm not sure if I'll be using this, writing this review makes me realize that I'm pretty bad at being a girl. Retails for: $8

Mineral infused face primer - Clear: I feel like I got a face primer in my first box. I'm not sure if it's exactly the same though. I haven't used that one yet so who knows when I will use this one. Retails for: $6

3 in 1 - Base, top & strengthener: Awesome, something I am familiar with.. finally! This will be put to good use and it's perfect timing because I just ran out of the top coat I normally use. Whenever I don't have time to paint my nails, I just quickly put on a clear coat so this is perfect. I love that it will help strengthen my nails too, that's a huge plus! Retails for: $2

Kabuki face brush: I've been wanting a brush like this so I was excited to see it in the box. It's antibacterial and can be used with wet or dry products. I can't wait to try this out! Retails for: $6
I know this is hardly a review, I just wanted to share everything that came in my August box. Seriously though, YouTube makeup tutorials is going to be my homework for tonight. The total retail value of the box came out to $41 and it cost about $26 per box including shipping. I think It's a good deal, you can also find e.l.f products at Target and everything is pretty inexpensive. I liked the box this month but I'm also glad that it's my last one. I don't wear makeup enough to purchase another subscription but I like most of what I got and I know it's going to last me a pretty long time.

Terrible twos too early

Okay, I know Olivia isn't even eighteen months yet (one week away) but I'm pretty sure she's hit that "terrible twos" stage. She's been throwing tantrums lately, she starts stomping her feet and screaming when she doesn't get her way. I usually just ignore it but jeez she is loud! Plus, she always conveniently picks days when I have a headache to have her little tantrums. Paul was trying to hug her the other day and apparently for too long because she wanted him to let go and then she tried to bite him. She's also been getting rather sneaky, she likes to stand up on the couch. I tell her that she needs to sit down and she usually listens but as soon as I go in the other room for a quick second, she's standing again. I tell her to sit down and she gives me a smirk, she knows exactly what she's doing. She always tries to stand in the bath too and then she splashes water at me when I tell her to sit. I don't know how young a girl develops an attitude but I'm pretty sure it's starting already. Today was the last day of summer playgroup (it doesn't start up again until the fall) and Olivia just went up to some little boy and pushed him for no reason. I felt bad for the boy and I said "no, we don't push" but she just ran off and started playing. I have no idea if she knows what I'm even taking about but hopefully she doesn't become a little bully. She's not the worst behaved of the group so that makes me feel a little better. Besides that, playgroup went well. She really loves it and it's adorable to see her running around with the other kids. I'm a little sad that classes are over for a while, we are going to have to find something else to do on Thursday mornings. Even though I think Liv is entering the "terrible twos", no matter what she does, it can all be erased with one cuddle. When she runs up to me for a hug, my heart melts and all is forgotten.. until tomorrow. ;)

 Left: Little miss grumpy after I told her she couldn't play with someone's cell phone.
Right: She was watching Dora and laying on the couch like that, such a goof.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Medical bills piling on

The amount of medical bills that we have for Olivia is insane, we have insurance but with very high deductibles. It also doesn't help that they keep piling on (recent ER visit, we haven't even gotten that bill yet). We are still paying off her birth, NICU and heart surgery bills from last year. I feel like we will never get out of this debt and it's been heavy on my mind. It's a lot of stress to have to go trough something so scary and then have to pay so much money for it. Anytime we've ever tried to get some kind of assistance, we are told we make "too much money" (and by too much, I mean maybe $500-$1,000 "too much" per year) but nobody takes into consideration all the expenses and medical bills we have. It's so frustrating, we're not rich enough to pay but not poor enough to get help. It's very intimidating seeing such high numbers and not having any idea where the money is going to come from. I have been seriously just trying to keep my head above water and today I feel like I've been pushed down and I'm being held under. I'm the type of person who needs to have a plan, I need to know my future is secure and I don't right now. It's scary. No matter how much or how hard I work, I am constantly just sending it off to pay bills, I don't have any extra. I'm sure many other families can relate, it's just what comes along with medical issues. For now we are just setting up payment plans for everything and taking it day by day. It's so easy for people to say "money is not important" and I don't put money before my family or health but without it, where would we live? How would we eat? It may not be the most important thing but it's obviously necessary. I am so thankful that Olivia got the help that she needed and is doing well, I would never change that. I just need to step back, take a deep breath and relax. I know these bills will be paid off eventually but that seems very far off to me.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Graze review - August 2014

Graze is a subscription box for healthy snacks. You get to pick what you like and dislike on the Graze website and they customize (sort of) what they send to you but it's still a surprise because there are tons of options. You can pick between getting a box every week or every other week, each box is $6.49 and shipping is free.

My Graze box this week.

Salted fudge & peanut cookie - This was my absolute favorite snack in the box! It had salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, vanilla fudge & mini chocolate cookies. I ate this pretty quick and Olivia helped me (she stole most of the chocolate cookies). Next time I have to wait till she's sleeping, the cookies were so good and the fudge was pretty good too. I love any snack that is salty and sweet, it's my favorite combination!

Brooklyn bites - I liked this snack too! It had poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews & roasted pumpkin seeds. The pretzels were yummy and so were the cashews. I was a little scared to try the pumpkin seeds because I've never had them before. My husband said they were good so I tried them and they were!

Summer berry flapjack - I was excited to try this so it was the first one I opened. There were three rustic rolled oat flapjacks with berry-infused cranberries. I always think of pancakes when I hear the word flapjack, this was more like a granola bar to me but it was pretty delicious regardless so I don't care what it's called. I had to share with Olivia again (ugh) and she approved. I thought this was going to be my favorite snack from the box until I had the salted fudge & peanut cookie but this comes in second place.

Triple berry smoothie - I was pretty sure I would love this but I didn't. It had mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and banana. I love banana chips but these weren't really like the chips, they were not as crunchy. All the fruit was dried but it was still kind of soft, I don't really know how to explain it but it was a strange sort of texture. The taste wasn't bad though, not the worst snack I've ever had but my least favorite from this box.

I think they did a great job of sending me snacks I would like, I would have bought some of these if I saw them in a store. I really enjoyed this box and I like how you can go on the website and rate what you get. It's a good thing these are sent in balanced portions because if I got a whole box of that salted fudge and peanut cookie, it would be gone already. I'm glad I got to try this box, unfortunately I had to cancel it already due to my strict budget right now (boo!) but hopefully within the next couple of months things with start to pick up and I can get it again! If you want to try Graze, you can use my friend code: YML76TQXB and you will get your first and fifth boxes for free. It's a subscription and you will automatically be charged again so don't forget to cancel if you dislike it.

The bad luck continues

Olivia has been sick since Tuesday, she caught a stomach bug and it's been rough. I feel really bad for her but it's also been exhausting for me and Paul because she's been so cranky and sad. Today she seemed better, she wasn't as cranky as she was yesterday. Oh and of course, on Friday I dropped my phone and the screen cracked shattered, pieces of glass keep falling off little by little. I knew there was no way I could afford a new one (even with insurance it's too expensive for me right now) and I was bummed about that. This is pretty sad but I actually have scotch tape all over it right now to stop the glass from falling off. I know it's just a phone but I don't have a house phone so my cell is really the only way I can contact people. My parents are being super awesome and getting me a new one, this time I'm going to invest in a sturdy case. I wish I wasn't so clumsy, I drop my phone almost every single day but I guess I've been lucky because my screen has never cracked until now. Things have been really stressful at work, I'm not going into detail about that but it has been a really draining weekend. My entire body is just sore, I never thought my feet could hurt so much and my legs feel like jello. I'm so happy to be home now, it's time to watch my guiltiest pleasure (Keeping up with the Kardashians) and eat some cookies! I'm so excited to be off the next two days and spend quality time with my little girl, I missed her like crazy this weekend!

For the first time ever, she let me put her hair in a ponytail (kind of).

Even when she is extra cranky, she always finds a way to make me laugh or smile.
Left: Pretending to talk on daddy's phone. "Hold on, I'm going to have to call you back!"
Right: I didn't notice there was a rip in her pajamas until I saw her little piggy poking out.