Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pregnancy & delivery woes

Quick history on my pregnancy:
It took over a year for me to get pregnant so when I finally did, I was ecstatic! I didn't actually believe I was pregnant so I ran to the store and got 3 more tests (it was kind of like the scene from Knocked Up). The pregnancy was actually going well but it ended up being a really bad scary pregnancy. I wasn't throwing up or having back pain so all that was great. I started having issues around 12 weeks when I saw (cover your eyes for TMI) blood. I quickly called the doctor in a panic and his response was to come in the next day (it was the middle of the night) and if I lost the baby there was nothing he could do about it (his exact words by the way) cue the tears. The next day I went in with the mindset that I was no longer pregnant, well I was. I was so happy and I thought that was the end of my little health scare. (lol yeahhhh, little did I know this incident was just the tip of the iceberg) The time came to find out the sex of the baby, I was so so excited for this visit.. they told us it was a... GIRL! I got to smile for about 3.2 seconds and then they told me that she had two soft markers for down syndrome or cystic fibrosis. My heart sank. Please don't misunderstand this.. I would love her no matter what the circumstance. However, I would of course want my child to be healthy if given the option. Her soft markers were echogenic bowel and crooked pinkies, which I have as well ..they are just slighty curved so they said it was probably a family trait. Keep in mind that they never said ONE word about anything being wrong with her heart. Did I say quick history in the title? Thought it would be. I opted for blood work instead of the amnio test for fear of having a miscarriage. Fast forward to two weeks later (by the way, longest two weeks of my life; at this point) I got the call that the blood work was normal. Woohoo! That's the end of my pregnancy scare!! JK! They wanted to have a follow up ultrasound and at that one they told me she had a "duplex collecting system" of her kidney. This turned out to be nothing thankfully but at the time it was just another problem to add to my list and I was pretty much a wreck at that point. Hormones + bad news over & over again = disaster. I also ended up getting a sinus infection right at the end of my pregnancy, that was a splendid time of fun.

Little miss trouble maker.

Delivery and NICU:
Me & the hubby decided to go to the movies, it was a Saturday night and we were going to pack our hospital bags the next day (I was due in ten days) so we could be prepared. Olivia said "Nah, I think it will be more fun this way" I started having contractions as soon as the movie ended, I wondered if it was just a stomach ache from all the food I ate that day so I went home and took a shower. (weirdo I know, who does that?!) As I was drying my hair the pain was getting worse and worse. I finally called the doctor and he wasn't sure if it was a stomach ache either until I had a contraction on the phone. He said to meet him a the hospital right away, (during this phone call my husband is running around throwing things into a bag for us) we were not prepared. So on the way to the hospital I was on the phone with my mom (nobody truly thought I was going into labor at this point because we all thought the baby would be late) and all of a sudden a gush. "Okay I know for a FACT that I did NOT just pee everywhere" my husband was so grossed out! ha ha so yeah my water broke and I had no idea that after it breaks.. it keeps on coming out. I mean every few seconds another gush, I could not believe the amount of fluid coming out.. it was like a gallon! That's what it seemed like at least. The first thing I said was "give me the epidural!" after that I was pretty much okay. By the time we got to the hospital I was already 7cm dilated. Another scary thing and probably TMI, the "water" coming out of me was brown. I KNEW it was supposed to be clear from all those Baby Story episodes I watched! That freaked me out but they assured me it was going to be fine. Uhm hello?! My baby is swimming in her own poop, DISGUSTING, get her out!!! (what I was saying in my head) After a few hours of pushing she was here! Another fun quote from the doctor while I was pushing "oh that was a lousy push" gee thanks. So from start to finish my labor lasted 6 hours. Pretty good I think! Then I heard some keywords .."floppy" "lack of oxygen" and I freaked "is she okay?! IS SHE OKAY?!" ugh she had to go to the NICU (I wanted her to sleep in our room so bad but she couldn't) A new all time scariest moment (at that point) After a few hours she was doing much better and her tone started looking normal. She only needed oxygen for one day and after three days of being in the NICU they told us we could go home. Although she wasn't eating much (only about 1oz every three hours) they said it was okay and that her stomach was very small, I thought it was strange but shrugged it off. When they told us she was okay to go home, I must have made a funny face because the doctor asked me what was wrong. I told him I was worried and he suggested having a nurse come to the house in a few days to check on her, I agreed.

Olivia Paige - 7lbs, 2oz - 19inches long & a very loud screamer!

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