Thursday, March 13, 2014

I can only blame myself for this

Getting Olivia to sleep in her own room has been a big struggle. I know it's my fault for keeping her in our room for over a year but it was just easier at first with the tube and now she doesn't want to leave us. I don't want her to leave either but I know she needs to sleep in her own room. Plus, the play yard is probably uncomfortable and she's getting too big for it. Last night was terrible! Pure torture. I tried everything to calm her down.. feeding her, rocking her, playing music, giving her stuffed animals, giving her Tylenol for her teething and I even climbed in the crib with her! I really thought I was going break the stupid thing but luckily I didn't. I wondered if she would EVER fall asleep, it took hours! I finally tried letting her cry it out around 12:30am (heartbreaking and traumatic). She fell asleep at 1am and woke up at 5am, she was ready to get out but I put her back down. She cried on and off for a while but finally fell asleep again at 6am. She woke up at 7am, ugh! I just gave up at that point. None of us got any sleep, especially me. I was a zombie all day. I'm normally clumsy but today it was ridiculous, I was walking into walls/doors, falling asleep standing up, couldn't keep my eyes open or my head up so I took two short naps with her. I'm terrified to try again tonight but I have to or else last night was a waste, there's no going back now. Wish me luck!

Left: Around 12am, she just wanted to cuddle with me, sweet but it was so late!
Right: Today around 5:30pm she was ready for bed but I had to keep her up or else tonight would be worse! She just laid on the floor for a while.

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