Monday, March 17, 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with Girl Scout cookies

A little update on the sleep situation, I'm happy to say that Olivia is in her own room now (sigh of relief). It actually went much better than expected. With the exception of that first terrible night, she's been falling asleep within five to ten minutes. There is no way I could have handled another night like the first one, I've never been so exhausted. A few months ago I got into a horrible habit of staying awake until 5am every night (not on purpose). I would have to nap when Olivia did in the afternoon, I was finally able to break that habit and now it's happening again! I know I need to cut out the naps but it's so hard to do when I can barely function. Even though she's been sleeping well, she's been eating horribly, barely anything. I even took her to the doctor but he said it was most likely her teeth, molars suck.. my words, not the doctors. I'm sure it must be really painful to have teeth ripping your gums apart but I hope she doesn't lose too much weight, she's already so skinny.. she's gonna start to look like Gollum. We had a pretty good weekend, we went out to eat on Friday night, it's like an adventure brining a baby out to dinner. I never know what's gonna happen and it's a little scary. She did pretty good most of the time and when she starting getting antsy, we let her watch Bubble Guppies and Dora on Paul's phone, never fails. What did parents do before smart phones?! Get dirty looks because their kid was screaming at the top of their lungs I guess. The older Liv gets, the more mischievous she becomes, if you're thinking about having a child ask yourself a few questions 1.) Do I love sleeping? 2.) Do I need privacy? 3.) Do I like how fast I can leave my house? 4.) Do I like having money? 5). Am I fond of the quiet? 6.) Do I dislike sharing my food with people who decide to just spit it out anyway? 7.) Do I hate being thrown up on? If you answered no to most of those questions, you are ready for a child! Congratulations! Don't ask me to babysit. Mostly kidding, but as much as I love Olivia, it's a huge adjustment from what life used to be. With that being said, I think it's totally worth it. Not kidding. Just one hug or smile from her and it melts my heart.

Here's a little preview of the mischief Olivia has been getting into lately. If I had a pull string doll of myself, it would say "no!" over and over again.

Let's see.. what else.. Oh yeah, I went to the St. Patrick's day parade with my friend on Sunday, better known as bar hopping. It was okay but I'm definitely starting to feel too old for that type of stuff, lots of people throwing up and fighting. I also hate the fact that it took forever to get inside the bar and when we finally got in, we couldn't even move cause it was so packed. The amount of time it took to get drinks killed my buzz. It was kind of a waste but there were some entertaining moments. After being out for about an hour, I really started to miss Olivia. I'm with her pretty much 24/7, I'm gonna have real problems when she goes to school. Today went by pretty quick, probably because we were out and about. I'm really looking forward to warm weather so we can get out of the house more often! Pretty bummed that her playgroup is over until the summer, she loved it. Some of the moms said they would still meet up once a week so I might do that. Oh yeah, totally off topic but I had this brilliant stupid idea of starting a diet, apparently this just can't be done during Girl Scout Cookie season. I fell off the wagon hardcore. I'm honestly ashamed of how many boxes I've eaten in the past few weeks. I've been doing great with exercising but I'm pretty sure it's all been a waste of time. Oh well, the boxes are empty now and I definitely won't be buying anymore till next year, I obviously have no self control. A few days ago I was looking for hand weights online, I was gonna buy the 5lb set but they were kind of expensive so I waited. Good thing I did because I really underestimated how freaking heavy they were, I'm probably gonna get laughed at for this but seriously.. even the 3lb set felt pretty heavy to me but I got those, hopefully I'll get used to them. Well anyway.. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just so you know, the bow in her hair looked perfect at first. She kept messing it up and I finally gave up and just took the picture anyway.. sigh. 

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