Friday, August 8, 2014

Terrible twos too early

Okay, I know Olivia isn't even eighteen months yet (one week away) but I'm pretty sure she's hit that "terrible twos" stage. She's been throwing tantrums lately, she starts stomping her feet and screaming when she doesn't get her way. I usually just ignore it but jeez she is loud! Plus, she always conveniently picks days when I have a headache to have her little tantrums. Paul was trying to hug her the other day and apparently for too long because she wanted him to let go and then she tried to bite him. She's also been getting rather sneaky, she likes to stand up on the couch. I tell her that she needs to sit down and she usually listens but as soon as I go in the other room for a quick second, she's standing again. I tell her to sit down and she gives me a smirk, she knows exactly what she's doing. She always tries to stand in the bath too and then she splashes water at me when I tell her to sit. I don't know how young a girl develops an attitude but I'm pretty sure it's starting already. Today was the last day of summer playgroup (it doesn't start up again until the fall) and Olivia just went up to some little boy and pushed him for no reason. I felt bad for the boy and I said "no, we don't push" but she just ran off and started playing. I have no idea if she knows what I'm even taking about but hopefully she doesn't become a little bully. She's not the worst behaved of the group so that makes me feel a little better. Besides that, playgroup went well. She really loves it and it's adorable to see her running around with the other kids. I'm a little sad that classes are over for a while, we are going to have to find something else to do on Thursday mornings. Even though I think Liv is entering the "terrible twos", no matter what she does, it can all be erased with one cuddle. When she runs up to me for a hug, my heart melts and all is forgotten.. until tomorrow. ;)

 Left: Little miss grumpy after I told her she couldn't play with someone's cell phone.
Right: She was watching Dora and laying on the couch like that, such a goof.

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