Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stalker cricket

Somehow a cricket got into our house and it has been driving me crazy! It's seriously so loud and annoying and I have no idea where it is! The creepy thing is that I can get close enough to where it's super loud but then it stops, Paul said it's watching us and it stops when it sees us.. Uhm what?! How freaking scary is that?! I don't like it ..I don't want to have a stalker cricket, I hope it just goes away! Okay, moving on from that because it's giving me the chills.. my throat was hurting again this morning but after a few hours it felt fine. So I decided to take Liv to that indoor playground, today was the last day of free play before the classes start. There was only one other kid there and he left after about fifteen minutes so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was really cute, there was a swing set, slides, little roller coasters, ride ons, trampolines, tunnels, ball pits, basketball hoops and a bunch of other toys. Olivia's favorite part was running around (of course) but she played on pretty much everything. The classes are kind of expensive so I'm not sure if we will take them or not since the library classes are free but we'll see. Olivia had a great time and I'm really glad I brought her, watching her run around and have fun makes me very happy!

It was really hard to take a good picture because she didn't stop moving the entire time.

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