Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We got our new modem today so our internet is back up! Woohoo! Just in time too because I was starting to have blogging withdrawals. This might be a long post since it's been a while but I will try to recap quickly and hopefully I don't ramble on forever.

On Wednesday my sister in law Melody came to visit from South Carolina. My mom was babysitting Olivia while Paul went to pick her up from the airport. Unfortunately her flight was canceled and she was stuck at the airport for hours. I felt so bad, it must have been a long day for her! She was on stand by and finally got on a plane that night. Paul had to keep Livy awake and bring her to the airport with him pretty late at night. I was stuck working so I couldn't get her but everything worked out alright.

 Running around the airport in her jammies.

Having Mel here was awesome! She helped me with Liv and we even went out one night and had a few drinks. I don't get out much so I got a little sick the next day but I was fine after a few hours. Mel and Paul went out on Saturday while I was working and he ended up getting a little sick on Sunday, I guess we can't hang anymore.

Selfies at the bar ;)!

On Sunday I took Liv to my nephew Jacob's birthday party, it was at a place called Tumble Jungle. There were a bunch of trampolines, play mats, a bouncy house and even a foam pit, Olivia had a blast! My nephew turned four and all the other kids were around the same age, Liv was the youngest so I had to chase her around to make sure she didn't get hurt on anything.

 Jacob's fourth Birthday! How cute is the Ninja Turtles theme!

On Monday we went to the pool for a while, Liv didn't stay for long because the water was so cold. Paul took her home so Mel and I could lay out and try to get a nice tan. Well we must have stayed out for a little too long because I came home with a terrible sunburn! Mel got pretty red too but nothing compared to me!

 Well, at least I got some kind of color! Ouch!

Now here we are today, Tuesday (Right? I have no concept of time lately)! I normally don't work on Tuesdays but since we had Jacob's party on Sunday, I switched shifts with someone. While I was at work tonight, Paul took Olivia on a daddy daughter dinner date (say that five times fast). He sent me some really cute pictures!

 Coloring like a big girl and destroying some avocado.

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately. It was a lot of fun having Melody stay with us, she left this morning and I miss her already! It's a little boring without her, plus she cooked us some very yummy meals. I'm really glad she got to spend some time with us and especially with Olivia. I can't wait until she visits again, hopefully it will be soon!

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