Friday, May 30, 2014

May favorites

It's almost the end of the month so it's time to share some of my mommy and baby favorites for May, I decided to do them together this month.

Mommy & baby favorites for May!

Honest Co. products – I signed up for free Honest Co. samples a while ago (I only had to pay for shipping), I picked the diapers/wipes bundle and the essentials bundle (lotion, soap, shampoo, body wash, etc). I got them pretty quick but I put them away and forgot until a few weeks ago. I really love these samples! All of their products are eco friendly and all natural. I’m not a crunchy mom but I’m never opposed to all natural products, I think it’s great. The shampoo and lotion smell amazing and the diapers are awesome (no leaks) I almost didn’t want to put them on her because they are so adorable, I picked all the girly patterns. I’m pretty bummed that we used up most of our samples already. I plan on buying more when I can but right now I’m trying to save some money. I wonder if Jessica Alba answers the phone at Honest Co? I swear it sounded exactly like her when I called to cancel, I wanted to ask but whoever it was would probably think I was crazy (unless it really was her!) Anyways, I will be buying more of this sometime in the future, hopefully soon! You can check out the Honest Co. website to see everything that is included in their bundles. They recently announced on their Facebook page that the products will be available at Target soon, I am definitely going to check that out.

I Heart My Little A-Holes book - This book seriously had me cracking up so much that I had to stop reading it in bed. I thought I was going to wake up Paul with my laughing. The first few chapters were just hysterical; there was also some serious stuff. If you’re a mom (or even thinking about becoming a mom) and you need a good laugh (which we all do), I highly recommend this book. I finished it in a few days, I couldn’t put it down.

PINK body mist: Total Flirt – My mom had this and I loved it so she got me one. I don’t really like wearing perfume in the summer because it’s so strong. I feel like body mist is a lot lighter (if that makes sense) and this has a clean and summery smell to it. I’ve already used it a lot; I don’t think it will last the whole summer.

Mommy Loves book - This was an add on from our Citrus Lane box. Olivia changes with the wind. One day she loves something, the next she does not. Right now this is her favorite book. It’s really cute, every page has a different animal and it says “Mommy cat loves her kittens” so it teaches kids what all the baby animals are called. At the end it says “Most of all, my mommy loves me!” Olivia gets a huge smile on her face when I read that part, it’s pretty stinkin adorable.

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