Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another busy weekend

I meant to post this yesterday but I forgot. I wasn't home much this weekend. Friday night I stayed in so I could spend time with Olivia since I had so much to do the rest of the weekend. Saturday afternoon I went job hunting so my mom watched Olivia, I went pretty much everywhere so hopefully I find something soon. Then I met up with one of my friends to get our nails done and have dinner. After that I went out bowling with my other friend for her birthday. It was a lot of fun but I pretty much suck at bowling now (I swear I used to be really good, we used to go every week). On Sunday I went to my cousins bridal shower, it was fun and nice to spend time with my mom. I discovered a new obsession while I was there too.. Moscato, it was my first time trying it. I've never had wine that sweet, I usually stick to Pinot Grigio but it was so good! It might be my new favorite. I was happy to finally relax when I got home. Paul watched Olivia most of the weekend but I'm glad they got to spend some time together since he doesn't see her much during the week, she loves her daddy. It was a great weekend but I really missed Livy. She caught a cold too so she's been a little cranky tonight, hoping she feels better soon!

 With my BFF on the left and my awesome mom on the right.

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