Sunday, May 4, 2014

Busy weekend

Sorry for slacking with the posts, this is the first time all weekend I'm sitting down to relax. Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it was a pretty busy weekend. Yesterday we went to my friends daughters first birthday party, we had a really good time. It's cute to see Liv "play" with kids around the same age as her. They have an outdoor cat and when Olivia saw the cat, she started screaming in excitement. The cat ran away of course (smart move) and then she kept trying to chase her, she's nuts. After the party, we went store hopping looking for a red shirt, I wanted one for today (red for heart disease). When we finally got home I had to give Livy a quick bath, feed her dinner and get her to bed. She fell asleep quick, we were out pretty much all day.
Team Livy - Heart Warrior! Her lovely parents/grandparents/cousins/aunt & uncle

Today was the March of Dimes 3K walk (although we took the long route so I think it was more than a 3K for us), Olivia was still sleeping when it was time to leave this morning so I had to wake her up. She was cranky when we first got there but once I started pushing her in the stroller she was fine. The walk was fun, Team Livy was taken so we were Team Livy - Heart Warrior. There wasn't many of us because I kind of gave short notice, other people wanted to come but had previous plans and I also forgot to mention it to everyone. I think next year I'm going to have shirts made for Team Livy, that will be cute. I am glad we were able to recruit a few people though! We earned over $500 for the babies. Thank you to everyone who donated and a special thanks to everyone who walked with us! It's great to have such awesome support from our family and friends. We actually made it on the news for a split second, that was pretty cool to see. Olivia was exhausted by the time we left, even though she just sat in the stroller and ate the whole time. I'm glad that she slept on the car ride home but then she was cranky for a few hours so she took another nap. I got a little sunburn and now I'm beat, tomorrow is going to be a nice relaxing day (I hope). Fingers crossed that Olivia sleeps in so I can too!

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