Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another GI update

Olivia had a follow up GI appointment this morning (technically yesterday morning). It went pretty well, she had fun in the waiting room playing with the toys. They have a wall with a projection of pictures on it and when you wave your hand in front of it, the pictures move. All of the big kids were playing with it, Olivia ran over to them and started copying what they were doing. She kept looking up at them for approval and it was just so adorable. She looked so tiny next to all of them but she wasn't shy at all. She also shocked me and didn't cry when the doctor came in but she definitely didn't want him too close. I talked to the doctor about weaning her off the acid reflux medication (Prevacid). We are going to do it slowly, making a small change every two weeks. As long as she doesn't start vomiting or lose her appetite then we will stick to that plan. The way we are going to do it will take about two months, I'm in no rush though. She is still between her 10-15% curve for weight so it definitely scares me when we make a change. Our feeding routine has been working well, I don't want her to start losing weight because then I'll feel like we're going backwards and it took so long to get her to this point. I also don't want her to be in any pain but I do think that it's time to start attempting a wean so we'll see how it goes. We also talked about giving her less puree during the day and more table food. The only reason that I still give her puree is because I put her Duocal (powder that adds extra calories) in it but that may also be the reason why she gets full so quickly when I give her table food. It's all trial and error, the doctor said there isn't just one way to do it but we will figure it out eventually. I hope I am making sense because it's pretty late and I'm tired. Anyway, the appointment went well and the doctor said Olivia looks great so hopefully the little changes we make will be good changes.

Playing in the waiting room.
I forgot to mention how Liv pulled everything out of her diaper bag while we were waiting for the doctor. I let her do that instead of what she really wanted to do (play with the computer keyboard).

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