Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Last year in my twenties

Yesterday was my birthday, I'm officially 29 (not 30 just yet)! I am seriously going to miss my twenties, so many awesome things happened to me in the past ten years. After I turned 21, I had a blast going out all with my friends and also got lucky that nothing bad ever happened to me during that time. I definitely got all the partying out of my system. I met Paul and we got married, we had an amazing little girl together. I know she went through a lot and I would never wish for that to happen but she has come so far and I am very grateful that we have her, I wouldn't change that for the world. I had to reflect a little bit but I had such a great day yesterday. In the afternoon I took Olivia to see my sisters new puppy, she was so adorable! Since she's just a puppy, she was nipping a lot and jumping around. Olivia loved her but she got scared when the puppy tried to nip her, she also almost knocked her over. My mom watched Liv afterwards so me and Paul could go out to dinner. We got hibachi and it was so much fun! I was finally able to catch a vegetable in my mouth and then the guy squirted me with water (hilarious). I only had one drink but I was feeling pretty tipsy. The food was amazing and the banana tempura was delicious! It was the perfect birthday and I'm so thankful for my family. Olivia has been sleeping through the night again by the way, thank goodness!

Sadie! How cute is she?!

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