Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pool weather

There hasn't been much going on the last few days, today it was extra hot outside. I decided to take Olivia for a walk in her Little Tikes car, I tried keeping us in the shade most of the time. I wanted to walk to the pool but I forgot to pick up some swim diapers for her. I'm hoping I have time to get them tomorrow because I think she would love the pool. She really loved "driving" her car but when we went back inside she got really cranky. She was a nightmare to put to bed tonight, I think she may be getting sick again but hopefully not. The days have been flying by lately or at least it seems that way to me. I wish things would slow down a bit, I am really trying to enjoy all of my time with Liv before I find a job. I'm still on the search and hoping something comes along soon! Anyways just wanted to update quick but things have been pretty uneventful here.

 She is so obsessed with Dora, she stands directly in front of the TV.

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