Friday, January 16, 2015

Stuck at the hospital again

Olivia was feeling much better and then all of a sudden, she got sick again! Three days ago she started coughing nonstop so I brought her back to the doctor (third time in one month). He said her lungs sounded clear and everything was good, just a long lasting cold. He also told me to call him if she had any fevers or trouble breathing. Of course this morning she started breathing kind of fast and it continued into the evening. She was acting normal and eating okay so I wasn't sure if the fast breathing was just because she was stuffy or something more serious so I called her doctor (again) and he had me count how many breaths she was taking, it was higher than normal. I also took her temperature and it was only 98.6 but he said it would be a good idea to bring her to the ER at least for peace of mind. When we got to the ER, her temperature was 101! I was shocked, obviously we need to invest in a new thermometer. They gave her some Tylenol and sent her for a chest X-Ray which came back normal (luckily). They also took a swab of her nostril to test for certain viruses. She tested positive for RSV (respiratory virus). It's very contagious so we are not allowed to leave our room, the doctors and nurses have to wear masks so they don't spread it from patient to patient. Unfortunately there is nothing they can give her to help her get better any faster, it has to just run its course. Tylenol will help her fever but not the virus. I'm not sure how many days we will be here but we got admitted so they can keep an eye on her (mainly because of her heart defects). The doctors came in to talk to me and explain everything, they checked her (she was not happy about that) and then we settled in. She would not lay down in the hospital crib so she is currently asleep in my arms. I'm sitting on this very hard wooden rocking chair that is causing me a lot of pain but I will always put her comfort before mine so it's okay. I'm so nervous that she is not going to eat breakfast tomorrow morning, she is so darn particular and picky but it's really important that she stays hydrated, especially now. I fed her before we came here but she's only had snacks (she stole and ate my bag of chips, she was saying "nom nom nom" while smirking at me) and sips of water since around 7pm, it's now 2am. I'm 99% sure I'm not getting any sleep tonight. Being here brings back a lot of horrible memories but it's giving me such a weird feeling because it's almost as if we never left. I know it's been almost two years since then but it's sadly so familiar to me. As much as I rather be home right now, I'm so glad I brought her here because I know she is safe.

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