Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You're pregnant!?

Okay, I'm definitely not pregnant. I normally don't trick anyone on April Fools day but this morning I was going through old pictures on my phone and found one that gave me an idea. I saw a picture that I took of my pregnancy tests (from when I found out I was pregnant with Olivia) so I decided to send it to my husband today, here's his reaction..

I could have probably kept it going for a while but I decided to be nice. There is no way we are ready for another baby yet. We decided that when Olivia turns two we will start talking about it seriously but for now, my main focus will be her. After she was born, I didn't think I wanted anymore kids because of everything she went through but in the past few months that thought has left my mind. She definitely needs a sibling (but two kids is my limit!). There's a 3% chance that our next child could have a congenital heart defect as well, kind of scary to think about but as my doctor put it "that's a 97% chance that the baby will be completely healthy." If that does happen, at least we will be prepared and know what to expect. Oh, I also sent the same pregnancy test picture to my friend and her reply was "lol nice try". I guess I just caught Paul off guard. I normally fall for April Fools jokes because I never remember that it's April Fools day but this year everyone was talking about it all over social media so I was on high alert ;) Although Olivia played a nice little prank on me today and decided to hate all the food that she normally loves. We went to lunch with my mom this afternoon and that's the only meal that she ate okay, the rest of the day she just didn't want anything. Funny Olivia, jokes over tomorrow!

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