Friday, April 11, 2014

Sharing germs

I'm finally starting to feel better (whew!) but poor little Olivia caught my cold. I knew it was inevitable, we are together all day and I may or may not have coughed in her face by accident (okay I did). Don't worry, she got me back today by rubbing her runny nose all over my shirt and hair, more than once. Despite being sick, she was pretty good today (minus a few meltdowns but being sick sucks). We went to my sisters for dinner and the kids played outside, it was such a beautiful day! Not too hot or cold and there was a nice breeze. My nephews were taking turns pushing Olivia around in a fire truck they have. It was really sweet and I was glad because I was feeling a bit lazy per usual. Liv's been walking a lot, she barely crawls anymore. She is still a bit wobbly but she always catches herself when she falls and then she gets right back up, she's determined. I'm proud of her, every new milestone is so exciting, it makes me want to cry at the same time though. I always think about how far she has come, she's doing so great. I just realized it was Thursday as I was typing this. I still get excited for the weekend even though I don't have a job right now but it's just because that means Paul will be home! Yay weekend!

 Left: Connor pushing Liv around in the fire truck & he is wearing his dinosaur costume of course! Right: Jacob & Olivia playing inside. 

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