Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Today was very busy but also very fun. This morning I gave Olivia her Easter basket and when she saw her Dora sand toys she got so excited, she loved it. She also tried peeps for the first time, hard to tell if she was a fan. She only took a few bites so I ate the rest. Then we went over to my aunt’s house, it’s always great to hang out with my family. Olivia got a ton of Easter baskets; we had dinner and then an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Olivia probably didn’t really know what was going on but she had a blast picking up eggs and banging them together. I took a ton of pictures, it was really hard to catch her smiling but I got a few great ones! It’s so crazy to think that last year on Easter, Olivia was under two months old. So much has changed in one year, the difference is amazing. Last year she slept most of the time and cried a bit, she was still eating through the tube and was only around 8lbs. This year she ate what we ate, she was feeding herself and loving it. She was walking around doing the Easter egg hunt with the big kids. Holidays are so much fun but I am super exhausted now! I also can't stop binge eating Easter candy, peeps covered in chocolate? Amazing!

 Sorry for the picture overkill but it was such a fun day! Hope everyone who celebrates had a very

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