Sunday, May 17, 2015

Party animal

It was a pretty busy weekend and of course, I got sick again. I woke in the middle of the night on Friday with that horrible pain on the side of my face again, my teeth hurt so bad that they started to feel numb. I took some medicine and used the heating pad. I was up from 4am until almost 6 and then I finally started to feel a little better. I didn't get much sleep though because Liv woke up at 7. We had a birthday party on Saturday and Olivia had a blast. When we first got there, I had to wake her up and she didn't want me to put her down. I didn't want her to cling to me the whole time, I wanted her to have fun so I put her down and she cried for a few minutes but then she was fine. She was jumping with another little girl in the bounce house for a while, she loved it but then bunch of older kids ran in and they were being rowdy. They kept knocking Olivia over and two kids actually fell on top of her, she didn't seem to care but I was getting nervous. The bounce house ended up deflating, I was actually kind of glad because I think she would have gotten hurt if she stayed in there. They also had a little petting zoo and pony rides, of course Olivia went wild when she saw the animals. She was chasing them all around and trying to catch the chickens, she was even petting the sheep. At one point it got a little too close and she backed away very quickly, her face was priceless. She got to ride the pony twice and I'm pretty sure that was her favorite part, she kept saying more but there were a lot of other kids there. I didn't feel great all day but I stuck it out for Liv, it makes me happy to see her having such a good time. She was so exhausted when we got home that she went to bed at 6pm, so of course this morning she woke up at 6am. I was so beat, I had to take a nap when she did. After our nap, we all went out to lunch and then we took her to the park. It was so disgustingly hot outside that we couldn't stay for too long. She had fun on the swings though, she really loves playing in the sand too. We just relaxed for the rest of the night, I still don't feel great but definitely better than yesterday. I've been sick for so long that I feel like I'm never going to get better. This cough that I have is seriously brutal. At least Olivia is doing better, she doesn't seem like she's sick at all anymore. Back to our routine tomorrow, I have pretty long hours this week so I definitely need to get some rest tonight.

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