Monday, July 28, 2014

Wedding weekend!

My cousin got married this weekend, me and Olivia were both in the wedding party. Liv was the flower girl (of course) and I was a bridesmaid. I was pretty nervous about how Olivia would do because she is still pretty young so at the rehearsal my cousin decided it would be easiest for me to just carry her when I walked down the aisle. I definitely think it worked out for the best doing it that way because otherwise she probably would have just stood at the end of the aisle crying. The rehearsal was on Saturday night and then we had dinner at my uncles restaurant. Liv was having so much fun running around with her big cousins. She loves to run and yell at the same time and my nephews were copying her, it was pretty comical (luckily my family owns the restaurant or we probably would have been asked to leave). We didn't get home from dinner until almost midnight, Liv was wide awake and I was getting nervous since we had a long day ahead of us so I quickly put her to bed, she fell asleep fast. The big day was on Sunday, I left bright and early to get my hair and makeup done while Paul watched Olivia. He met us afterwards while we were getting ready so I was able to eat something quickly and get Liv into her dress (she was not very happy about that). She looked so adorable in her dress though but she wouldn't let me get a good picture, she was too busy running around. I think the photographer got some pretty good pictures of her though so I'm excited to see them! During the ceremony Olivia was getting antsy so Paul took her into a side room and she watched Dora on someones iPad. After the ceremony, the wedding party got on a party bus (woohoo!) and headed to the reception. Meanwhile Olivia hadn't eaten since breakfast and just did not want anything (ugh). Once we got to the reception, we took some pictures and then Livy finally decided she was hungry (after almost eight hours!) so she had some veggie sticks and cheese. The wedding was great, it was a lot of fun but Olivia was super tired and wanted to be held pretty much the whole time. At one point I thought my arms were going to fall off, thank goodness I brought some flip flops because my feet were killing me from wearing heels (I rarely wear them). I danced with Liv until I couldn't anymore, she didn't want to eat while sitting with me for some reason so my mom fed her some ziti and then some mashed potatoes and she ate pretty well. Paul was helping too, we were all taking turns holding her because like I said, she didn't want to be put down. Paul and my mom ended up leaving a little before me so that Olivia could get some sleep, she was seriously exhausted. It was a long day, especially for her. The wedding was beautiful, my cousin looked gorgeous and I am so happy for the newlyweds! We just stayed home and relaxed today, my entire body is sore right now (especially my legs) but it was worth it.

The Stensland family. Notice Liv's black eye (ugh).

 The happy couple and of course the beautiful bride!

Left: Little miss Olivia, the adorable flower girl.
Right: My gorgeous sister, mom and me.

The photo booth was so much fun, I wish I knew about this when I got married!

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