Friday, July 25, 2014

Impromptu trip to the ER

In the midst of our busy week, Olivia decided to shake things up a bit. We were all hanging out in the living room, Paul and I were both sitting right there on the couch with Liv, she was getting down herself so I thought she was fine (she does it all the time). Somehow she lost her footing and she fell off and hit her head right on the edge of the coffee table (so hard). She was screaming and crying, I was trying to calm her down and then Paul started freaking out and saying "look at her head!" She had a huge bump, bruise and cut. After she relaxed a little bit, Paul wanted to see if she was disoriented so we watched her, she was walking a little wobbly and sideways. I called the doctor and waited for a call back, meanwhile Liv was being super cranky and clingy so when the doctor called me back she said it was a good idea to take her in. I took her to the emergency room, she was acting fine while we were there, she was having fun in the waiting room. She was playing a computer game they had (where was this when I was a kid?!), coloring, throwing the crayons everywhere and running around. They said they didn't see anything concerning and they didn't think a cat scan was necessary so we just stayed for a few hours so they could observe her. She never lost consciousness or threw up which is good because those are signs of a concussion. Just to be safe, I have to wake up every few hours to check on her and make sure she's breathing and that she doesn't throw up. Other than that, she is fine.. just a battle wound. It's been a long night.

Oh and the coffee table has been removed from our living room, those rubber corners were supposed to make it safe but of course she hit her head on the front edge.

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