Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall tag

It's officially fall! This summer seriously flew by, it's pretty crazy. I'll miss the summer but I'm excited that it's fall now, it was such a beautiful day today (I love it). So in honor of the fall, I decided to do a tag.

1. Favorite fall lip product? Anything that's moisturizing. For me, Vaseline works the best.

2. Favorite fall nail polish? I like darker colors in the fall, right now I'm into a dark gray/silver color. 

3. Favorite Starbucks fall drink? I only really like coffee fraps from Starbucks but I do love me some hot chocolate when it's cold out. 

4. Favorite fall candle? Jack o'lantern! I absolutely love that smell!

5. Favorite fall accessory? Scarves! Oh and gloves but those are necessary because I'm always so cold. 

6. Haunted house or haunted hay ride? Neither! I hate getting scared.

7. Favorite Halloween movie? Like I said, I'm not into getting scared but I guess Halloween since it's a classic.

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? Kit-Kats! I have to wait till the day before Halloween to buy candy or I'll eat it all and have none left for the trick or treaters.

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? I don't think I'm dressing up this year but Liv is, I haven't decided on her costume yet. 

10. What is your Favorite thing about fall? I can't pick just one, I have lots of favorites! The weather, Pumpkin picking, Halloween!

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