Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No time to rest

So I've been sick since Thursday and it just keeps lingering, I really don't feel any better yet. When I get a cold, it usually only lasts for two days but I haven't had a chance to rest so it's taking longer for me to get better. Between working and chasing after Liv, things have been hectic. I feel so terrible that I got her sick but she seemed much better today than she was yesterday, I'm glad she got over it fast. I was worried that maybe we caught the virus (Enterovirus D68) that's been going around (I know, I'm paranoid) but we haven't had any respiratory symptoms so I'm pretty sure its just a cold. We were supposed to go to the Big E over the weekend but I wasn't feeling up to it, hopefully I'll feel better by this weekend so we can go. I'm so happy that I have tomorrow off because I need to relax, hopefully Olivia will let me (ha). On a good note, she slept awesome last night! It was the first time in almost three weeks that she actually slept through the night. I think it may have been because she wasn't feeling well and needed the sleep but I'm hoping she will keep it up!

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