Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick weekend update

It's been another busy weekend and next weekend I'll be going into work even earlier (thanks to football). I feel like it's just work work work lately. At least I have Mondays and Tuesdays off so my "weekend" is at the beginning of the week. Today was a fun day, we took Livy to the McDonald's playplace and let her run around and have fun for a while. I actually wanted to take her to the park but it was way too humid out. She wore herself out and then we went out for ice cream afterwards. Watching her run around and looking at the pictures I took today made me sad, she's not a baby anymore. Well, she will always be my baby but she's getting big and it bums me out because I'll miss it. I'm starting to get baby fever again so I need to stop talking about this right now. So, I'm not doing a monthly favorites post for August (obviously since it's September already) because I didn't really have any, I have been trying really hard to be frugal. This month I will have one though, I promise! Okay, sorry to cut this short but I am dying to go watch the Saved By The Bell Lifetime movie (don't make fun of me, I grew up on that show and I have to watch it)! I'm a little too excited so hopefully it's good!

 "Stop taking pictures of me mom, I'm busy!"

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