Saturday, September 27, 2014

Toddler mood swings

On Tuesday, we took Olivia to the park and she loved the swings and the slide. It's funny because the last time we took her, she wanted me to take her out of the swing immediately, she hated it. This time she didn't want to leave! They also had some animals there, she wanted to pet the chickens but they weren't too happy about that. She put her hand through the cage and one of them pecked at her and got her finger, she looked at me with a very surprised look on her face. There was also a horse and he was a little bit nicer, he let her pet his head and she was so happy. Today was my cousin's engagement party, Olivia took a really short nap so when we got there she was in a terrible mood. She didn't want to eat, she didn't want me to hold her but when I put her down she was running around like a crazy person. She was picking up rocks and throwing them, yelling and crying randomly (for no reason). She's either in a great mood or a horrible one and today was not a good day. Her mood swings have been pretty bad lately. Anyway, Paul bought her a little toy shopping cart, Rooney has been sleeping in it and it's pretty hilarious. I'm only mentioning that because I have a picture of it and I didn't want to just put it in this post randomly. I guess it's still pretty random, oh well. I bought a tablet today and I was hoping it would be easier to blog with since I'm using the tap to speak feature but it's actually harder. My computer isn't going to last much longer, I've had it for a long time it's very slow. I may just have to buy an actual laptop because the tablet is so annoying to type on or maybe I could buy a keyboard for the tablet. I'm on the fence about it, I guess I'll give it a chance for a few more days and see how I feel. If anyone has some tablet tips, please let me know.

All the silliness from the last few days. 
Yelling at a goat, swinging on the swings, playing with rocks, mashed potato beard, lifting heavy boxes and a very sleep kitty.

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