Monday, September 8, 2014

Fun at the fair

I worked all weekend and it was exhausting! I finally decided to give up my Saturdays so I'll be working Mondays instead. It will be nice having a day once a week that I can spend the full day with Liv and Paul at the same time. We took Liv to a fair on Saturday morning and it was really fun but it was so hot out! I was dying and Liv was sweating so we only stayed for an hour. It was fine though because an hour was plenty of time to walk around the whole fair. Olivia loved the animals (no surprise there) and of course she called every single one a cat. Before we left, I had to get a caramel apple (my favorite!) and it was so dang good, I wish I had another one right now (fatty). Nothing has really changed with Liv's sleep regression, she's still having a tough time. She's been getting her legs stuck in between the crib slats more and more, one of her legs actually has a huge bruise from it. I really wish she would stop, I feel so bad because when it happens, she's cries a lot. I want to put the crib bumpers back on so she stops but I'm nervous that she'll climb on the bumper and fall out of the crib. I feel like getting her leg stuck is the lesser of two evils. I was hoping she would have learned her lesson after she realized it was painful but I guess not. Anyway, I have to go get ready for work.. again.

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