Monday, September 22, 2014

The Big E!

On Saturday we took Liv to the Big E, there was some crazy traffic on the way there but luckily Paul knew some back roads (he used to live in that area) so we avoided most of it. Olivia had a blast! Her favorite part was seeing the animals (obviously). She went wild when she saw them, she was screaming "cat cat cat". I've been trying to teach her some new animal names but she likes calling everything a cat still. She even touched the horses head but then quickly pulled her hand away, she got scared but then she was trying to touch him again. She went on her first rides too, the merry go round and a little bumble bee ride. I was pretty impressed that she wasn't scared, she absolutely loved the merry go round (the first time), she was screaming in excitement and had a huge smile on her face. She was really impatient before the ride started though, once it started then she was happy. The second time on the merry go round it was the end of the night and she was exhausted. She didn't want to stay on the horse, she just wanted me to hold her. We also had a caricature drawn of her and it's absolutely hilarious! The first time me and Paul ever went to the Big E, we had one drawn of us so I had to get one of Liv, I think they are so funny. She did not enjoy staying still to be drawn but he was able to get it done pretty quick. We ate some delicious unhealthy food, walked around (forever, my feet are killing me) and had a lot of fun. We stayed until it was dark and Liv fell asleep on the way home (and so did I), it was a really long day. It was super crowded so we already decided that next year we will go during the week. Either way, it was a good time! When we got home, my mom watched Olivia so Paul and I could go out for a drink. It's rare that we get to spend any time alone so that was nice. Yesterday we just hung out around the house in the morning and then I worked the rest of the day. I'm working again tonight but I have tomorrow off, unfortunately I have a lot of errands to do so I'll be dragging Liv along with me, fun!


 Our cartoon family, how funny are these?! So accurate too!
(The one of me and Paul is from 2009)

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