Thursday, November 20, 2014

Excuse me baby

I took Olivia to the library again today, I think the highlight of her day was on the way in when we saw a squirrel. She started squealing, she was so excited. She watched it run up a tree with a huge smile on her face, the things that make her happy are so random. We were the only ones there at first but after a few minutes some other kids showed up. Then a big class of kids (I think they were four year olds) came running in and almost knocked all the little kids over (not on purpose). I think Liv got scared at first but then she was playing with them, one little boy kept playing peek a boo with her. He was making her laugh and it was really cute. Then she was playing at the train table and a little boy was trying to push the train around the track but Liv was standing in the way so he kept saying "excuse me baby" over and over. It was quite comical, I couldn't help but laugh and Liv was looking at him like he was a crazy person. We actually saw Liv's first play group teacher there, she said she thought she recognized her. She was really nice and I was sad when she retired, she asked how old Olivia was now and mentioned how big she has gotten. I don't notice much because I see her everyday but when I look back at pictures I'm always amazed, she doesn't even look the same to me.

Big girl.

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