Saturday, November 8, 2014

The inevitable

Yup, it happened. I passed along my germs to poor little Olivia and now she's sick. She has been having a really rough time since Wednesday. I brought her to the doctor and he said it's just a cold, luckily her lungs sound clear so that's always a relief. She has been coughing so much that she starts to gag and she threw up a few times because of it, it makes me feel so terrible for her. She has no appetite, all she has been eating is tiny bites of food here and there. I'm glad she's getting plenty of fluids though because I feel like it's helping, she had a low grade fever for one day but it didn't last too long. She hasn't been sleeping well either, which is understandable. Obviously since she hasn't been sleeping, I haven't been either. On Thursday night I only got two hours of sleep, that's a new record for me. We've just been relaxing for the most part, I was sad that we missed our last playgroup class but I couldn't bring her there sick, all the other moms might want to kill me. Plus, I don't think she would have been in very good mood anyway. I hope this cold doesn't last much longer because I miss my happy baby and I just want her to feel better.

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