Sunday, November 16, 2014

Too cold for the playground

It didn't end up snowing on Friday so I took Olivia to the playground. She hated the swings but I think she was just annoyed because it was so cold. Everything was wet so maybe it actually did snow and then melt, I have no idea but we only ended up staying for ten minutes. Since the playground was a bust, I ended up taking her to the library. The children's section is really cute, they have a play house, play kitchen and train set. Olivia was running around playing with everything, she really loved the play house. It was fun to finally get out of the house, she had a good time and I enjoyed seeing her play. She's been eating better too so I think she is starting to get over her cold.

 She's a better cook than mommy.
On Friday night I didn't sleep much, I only ended up getting about 3 hours. I had so many things to do yesterday but I only did half of what I wanted to do, which really bums me out. I was able to get a haircut though so I was happy about that, it's been almost a year since my last one and it was out of control. I was so exhausted by dinner time (I was falling asleep on the couch) so I went to bed way earlier than normal, I fell asleep before 9. Unfortunately, I woke up around 1am and couldn't fall back to sleep until 6am. So of course today, I'm tired again. It's a never ending cycle of bad sleep habits, I don't see that changing anytime soon. I have to work today and I'm not exactly looking forward to it, hopefully it goes by quick.

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