Saturday, November 1, 2014


On Tuesday my mom asked if we would go to the pumpkin patch with her and I said of course, I love it! When we got there, we went on a hayride but about halfway through, the tractor stopped and it wouldn't start again. Apparently the driver didn't realize there wasn't enough gas in the tank, we had to walk all the way back. That was a little annoying since I had to carry Olivia the whole way and she gets heavy after a while. It was fine though, we let her run around and she loved seeing the animals. She also loved picking up the little pumpkins, there was a big box filled with them and she kept taking them out one by one and then putting them back in. She was entertained by that for a good fifteen minutes. They also had these cute little playhouses, Olivia kept running in and out of them. She was looking through the windows and she wanted me to play peek a boo with her so we did that for a while. After the pumpkin patch, we went out to eat and Liv actually ate really well. All the running around must have worked up her appetite.

Sitting on a pumpkin with Mama and on the hayride with her Gigi (Grandma).

On Wednesday we had a Halloween party at work and I dressed up as Wednesday Addams (too lazy to buy a costume or put in effort). Not that many people could figure out who I was which kind of surprised me (who hasn't seem the Addams family?!). The people who knew, gave me props on my costume so it was okay. It was a pretty fun night, it wasn't as busy as I was expecting it to be though.
On Thursday morning I took Olivia to playgroup. The teacher mentioned last week that they could wear their costumes to class so I brought it. Only five or six other kids wore theirs (out of about twenty). It was still really cute to see the kids dressed up, one little boy was in a Cookie Monster costume and Olivia kept running over to him to pet his "fur". To my surprise, she kept her costume on the whole time without a fight. It was fun as always, I'm bummed that next week is the last class until January. It's something that Olivia really enjoys so I hate when they have a break because I miss it (and I'm sure she does too).
Thursday night me and Paul went to a ghost story lecture (I can't think of a better way to describe it) at the library. Paul had gone two years ago and he told me about the really cool ghost footage they showed, the people that spoke that year were paranormal investigators. I was expecting the same thing this year and I was really excited because it was my first time going. Online it explained that they would be telling ghost stories and the haunted history of our town. Unfortunately, it seemed to be more of a ploy to get us to sign up for the ghost tour they have every weekend. The lady who was speaking would mention a cool ghost story and then say "but I can't tell you about it because I'll give away the secrets of the tour". I wasn't the only one who was annoyed by this, other people started to walk out. We stayed because we didn't want to be rude but it was definitely not what I expected. It ended pretty early so me and Paul went to get a drink and some food since we had time to kill. We talked about taking the tour next year but I guess we'll see.
Yesterday was Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, I love all of them but Halloween is so much fun. In the morning Olivia was wearing her cute little pumpkin (with a mustache) shirt from her Gigi, she looked super adorable. While she was napping, I had to watch a few Halloween shows and my favorite movie Hocus Pocus. After her nap, I got her up and quickly fed her so we could all go trick or treating! The first house we went to, they gave Olivia two pieces of candy. She did not let go of those two pieces of candy for the entire night (by the time we got home they were a disgusting melted mess). She wanted me (and only me) to carry her to every door and I swear I thought my arms were going to fall off. She was dressed as a cat and it was really funny because Paul had a flashlight so when we wanted her to follow us, he would shine it on the ground and she would chase it, as a real cat would. One of the houses we went to had a dog dressed up like a hot dog, Olivia went wild when she saw him. She was yelling in excitement and the dog started barking, the lady handing out the candy thought it was hilarious. We weren't out for too long because she started to get antsy towards the end but her entire bucket was filled with candy so we were done anyway. This year more people were able to figure out her costume, besides the occasional person who thought she was a skunk. We picked the perfect costume for her because of course, as you all know, she is obsessed with cats. She's a crazy cat lady in training. After trick or treating, I brought Livy to my aunts house down the street so she could see her all dressed up and Paul stayed home to hand out candy (which he actually enjoys). I didn't get to hand out any candy this year, I love seeing all the different costumes but that's okay since I saw lots of kids walking passed us while we were out. We got home around 8:30 and by that point it was raining, so everyone went home. After Liv went to bed, me and Paul watched American Horror Story: Freak Show (the episode that aired on Wednesday) and it was my favorite episode so far, I was so happy but I wont spoil it for anyone. Anyway, we had such a fun Halloween and now let the Christmas countdown begin! (Totally kidding by the way.)

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