Friday, March 6, 2015

Fighting naps and frozen yogurt

I have no idea what is going on lately but Olivia has been refusing to nap and even at night, she fights sleep. It takes her over an hour to finally fall asleep, she doesn't cry but it's frustrating because I know that she needs sleep. I also feel bad for her, she's sitting in her crib probably bored out of her mind (maybe not but I know I would be) and I just want to get her out but I know I shouldn't. I've tried skipping her nap a few times but by 4 or 5, she's falling asleep on the floor or in her high chair so taking a nap is still necessary for her. Today, I went against the rules and got her out and took her with me to run some errands (hoping that I would tire her out). After we did that, we stopped and got some frozen yogurt. I let her pick what she wanted (that was interesting), I don't think she really knew what anything was but it was still fun. We ended up getting vanilla and a little bit of coconut topped with gummy bears, caramel filled chocolate turtles, pineapples and a few cherries. It sounds a little crazy but it was actually really good, we finished it pretty quick (Liv ate most of it). It's so funny when she eats something she likes because after every bite, she says "mmmm". I started out feeding her but after a few spoons, she decided to take over. I'm not scared of a mess so I let her go for it, she actually did really well. She is becoming a pro at using a spoon, she only spilled a little bit once or twice. She is getting to be really independent when she wants to be, it's pretty stinkin cute. When we got home, we played for a while and then had some lunch. I know, we probably should have had lunch before the frozen yogurt but that's okay. She is napping now so I guess going out for a while was a good idea. I did a few things around the house that I have been meaning to do for a while now so I feel quite accomplished. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day/night so tonight we are going to keep it low key and probably just hang out at home.

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