Sunday, March 29, 2015

What's in Liv's Easter basket

Since Easter is next week, I decided to share what I am putting in Olivia's basket. I kept it pretty simple at first but then I found a few extras from our Citrus Lane stash. Easter baskets wouldn't be complete without a chocolate bunny and Peeps, it's just necessary. I don't like filling the basket up with candy so a few books and small toys are also great additions.

Peeps and plush bunny: I found this at the grocery store and I think it's adorable! It's a Peeps bunny plush and it comes with bunny Peeps. I'm glad it only comes with eight because Olivia will probably only eat one and I don't need all those extra Peeps around to tempt me.

JJ Rabbit's Cuppie: We got this in our Cirtus Lane box so I saved it for her basket. I am excited for Olivia to try it out, she normally drinks out of straw cups so this will be great for transitioning her to open cups. It has a little bunny at the bottom so as you drink, you uncover it.

Color me Cottontail: This is pretty cute, it's a chocolate bunny but it also comes with three crayons. There is a black and white picture on the back of the box that Liv can color. I think this will be fun for her, she loves to color.

Melissa & Doug slide and seek egg: This is the perfect toy for Easter, it's an egg that slides up and down and there's a little chick inside. Even though it's for younger kids (12 months+), Olivia still loves her peek-a-boo panda so I know she will love this too!

Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs book: We have a lot of books by Karen Katz, they are Olivia's favorite so when I saw this one, I had to get it for her. I love the colorful illustrations and the stories are short so it keeps her attention.

Dora the Explorer Loves Easter book: I wasn't planning on getting another book but Paul picked this one up. Liv is obsessed with Dora, I'm sure everyone knows that by now. She will love this book and I'll be happy to read something new, I'm getting pretty bored of all her current books.

Petit Collage pets puzzle: We got this puzzle in our Citrus Lane box a few months ago and I saved it because I thought it would be great for Easter. I think it's really adorable and Olivia will love all the animals. There are four different puzzles and each one has a different amount of pieces so once she masters one, she can move on to the next.

I'm also going to add the bunny bag that we got from our Citrus Lane box this month (see my last post). Next year, there will probably be a few less items in her basket since we may not be getting Citrus Lane by then. I'm pretty excited for Easter and I think she will love everything, I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them!

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