Thursday, March 26, 2015

Playgroup bully

The last two days have been gloomy, it rained all day today. I took Olivia to playgroup this morning and she was pretty excited about it. When I asked her if she wanted to go, she said "yeah yeah!". She just started saying "yeah" and it's really cute because she usually says it twice. I remember when she first learned how to say cat, she would always say it three times in a row. I was getting a little frustrated at playgroup because she hit three different kids for no reason at all. She never really hit any kids before and especially not without reason. I told her no, I said "Olivia, no hitting!" and I told her to "do nice". We always say that when she hits the cats, she usually listens and then starts petting them. She didn't want to "do nice" to any of her little friends but she did stop hitting when I scolded her (at least for a while). I'm hoping this is just a phase because I don't want her to hurt anyone and it's a little embarrassing for me as well. I don't want her to be a little bully, I want to make sure that she learns that it's unacceptable to hit while she is young. She is still getting over her cold so maybe she isn't completely back to her sweet self yet (ha). Besides the few incidents, she had fun and played nicely. I might switch her to the older class for the next session. The class we are in now is for 12-24 month olds and Liv is 25 months old. I haven't switched her yet because she really loves this class, the other class is for two year olds but all they do is sing songs. She would probably miss the bubbles and marching around with instruments. I guess we can do one more session and then switch, I'll see how it goes during the next few classes. After the class, we had lunch and then we both took a nap. I haven't taken one lately but the rain always gets me. Sleeping while it's raining out is one of my favorite things to do. I just hope that I will be able to fall asleep tonight, napping really screws up my schedule.

Cranky little diva.
She's obsessed with wearing sunglasses lately.

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